Why Do Women Who Wear Makeup Earn More Money?

Patricia Bright


How much do you spend looking polished for work? I get my nails done, have my hair regularly highlighted, invest in good clothes and makeup and skincare that I’m passionate about – not just for me, but because I like to put my best face forward and feel confident while I work.

On the other hand, I have a friend who works just as hard as I do but rarely gets her hair cut and doesn’t wear any makeup at all, through personal choice. I wouldn’t expect to earn more than her based on that alone, but according to a new study, that’s exactly what happens.

This video from The Cut talks about the amount of money we spend on making ourselves look good in comparison to what we earn.

To be honest, makeup, hair care, clothes, and skincare is all part of what makes me feel good. I would do it even without a career that requires it, and I’d never judge someone’s ability to work based on their appearance. But apparently this happens.

What are your thoughts, girls?

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