Giveaway: The FOREO Device That’s Completely Changing The Facial Cleansing Game



The one essential part of any flawless skin routine is an ultra hygienic cleanser that really does the job. FOREO has completely changed the facial cleansing game and I have been using this device for a while now with amazing results. Not only is this device an amazing cleanser, I have found some cool, unique tricks to make this device even better and worth the investment! So if you already own a FOREO or tempted to buy one keep on reading.

I’ve been using my FOREO for nearly a year and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made for my skin. My secret for flawless skin? Use your FOREO as a two-minute daily routine with your favorite face wash and you’ll notice clearer and brighter skin within a week.

Also, my personal favorite is the 15-minute anti-aging massage routine. Light a relaxing scented candle, turn on some soothing music and do this while you’re laying in bed, on the couch or in the bath. Take your FOREO and your favorite mask, serum or cream and gently massage it in for 15 minutes. This will get your blood circulation going and you’ll end up with glowing and firmer skin. I find this super relaxing after a tough day at work!

To really get amazing skin, you need to try this routine out for yourself and that’s why we’ve partnered up with FOREO! Their latest device is the FOREO Mini Luna 2 Save the Sea edition, they donate the proceeds from sales to Greenwave and Sea Life Trust, who protect the world’s oceans and restore their ecosystems. So while you save your skin, you can save the sea too.

We’re giving away one limited edition FOREO Save The Sea so you can try the 2-minute daily routine and the 15 minutes anti-aging routine at home!  If you want to win one all you have to do is Like us on Facebook, like FOREO on Facebook and then comment below when you’re done why you want to win this device! The giveaway is open to everyone (no matter location!) and closes on Sunday 11th September.

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  1. Done both. Would love to win this device because skincare is really important to me. I love trying new products and changing up my skincare regime to identify the best products for my skin. CGD is my favourite Facebook page for informative updates! :)

  2. Done :) Seen a lot of good things about Foreo the whole range has had great feedback and trying newer innovations to do with skincare is somthing im always interested in. Plus who doesnt want to help out Greenpeace? Seems like a win win. :)

  3. Done and done :) Would really really like to win the Foreo device because I’ve been wanting to start taking care of my skin seriously for the longest time ever and this would be a great place to start! Who wouldn’t want some flawless skin?

  4. As a student, my budget is rather limited. My skin isn’t ideal, especially during the exams (which is also right now for me) it really suffers due the stress. These times (and the rest of the schoolyear) are already hard enough as they are without the bad skin! ;) Would be really helpful :)

  5. I’d really like to give this a go because my skin is such a pain to figure out, I haven’t tried a cleansing brush type thing like this so it would be nice to try, plus I love the design and colour of it :D

  6. I’d love to try the Foreo device as I have been going through the daily ritual of adding it to my cart but failing to bite the bullet! As Career girls we all need to take a moment to relax at the end of the day, the Foreo offers the perfect combination of cleansing our skin and saving the oceans!

  7. Done and shared with my chums this sounds amazing would so love to win thanks for the chance xx

  8. Done & Done (ish) the Foreo UK FBpage wouldn’t open, so I’ve liked the Foreo instead (I hope this still counts…) As I’d really love to win – (I’ll keep an eye out for the page to come up properly)

  9. Read about the Foreo device a while ago an some beauty blog. Was really hooked and then found out the price. :/ A little bit too expensive for me, so this giveaway is a great opportunity for me. I’d really love to try this. Maybe it will help me like my skin/face a bit more!

    PS: I hope this giveaway is open for us Internationals too!

  10. I’m always up for trying new things and the FOREO device is no different. My skin is also currently going through a bit of a turbulent stage so would love to add this in as part of my skincare routine.

  11. My skin drives me bonkers! It’s combination skin with dry patches in all the wrong places. And the oily patches make no sense. Sometimes it’s sensitive and sometimes not. If everything I’ve read on the FOREO is true, it could really help me exfoliate the dry spots and clean the oily ones!!

  12. Done, liked both, although the FOREOUK link to Facebook didn’t work, so had to go with the FOREO minus the UK. Done for both

  13. I would love to give it a try and see how it can help my skin, since I struggle with acne and breakouts, as well as oily skin.

  14. Kathleenlights loves this device, so I need to try it! My skin is dry and prone to breakouts, so this might help to not only give me a glow but also loosen any clogged pores :)

  15. I’ve been reading and hearing all about the Foreo. Unfortunately, the device is just too expensive for me. Recently, my skin has been prone to breakouts and I have been trying to get my healthy glow back. Saving my skin and the ocean at once would be the perfect coup ;)

  16. Done! I’d love to win because as a person who has genetic eczema on their face, skincare is extremely important since my skin can constantly change depending on weather, stress and more. Also as a young adult the price on this device is pretty hefty, so having the opportunity to try this device would be great.

  17. I’ve done it! Well why wouldn’t I want such an amazing device that will ensure that my skin looks more flawless! Firstly they look cute , it’ll make you want to use it due to the colour and how it is textured differently. I would love to have this FOREA every day for two minutes! I’ve gotten into skin care and I’ve seen a big change! I would love to continue to explore more ways to keep my skin from looking healthy and of course glowing! Obviously getting freebis is always an amazing bonus!!

    Thanks CGD xx

  18. I’d love this device because this year, at the grand old age of 31 I appear to have developed rather angry and sore acne…anything that can help, but doesn’t demand piles of money (for I have NONE)…would be a blessing very gratefully received!

  19. I know this is a superior beauty product, worth every penny, just out of my price range right now. The benefits to older 40+ skin would be tremendous from the increased circulation of blood and oxygen. Would love to add it to my daily regime.

  20. Done! I would love one of these, I have been looking for a way to upgrade my face cleansing technique and this looks like a great solution!

  21. I always worry I’m not cleansing thoroughly enough so this would definitely help! Would love to win :)

  22. Done and Shared on Twitter(Pepirios) I always read such good reviews of this product, I would love to win and try it on my skin, since I turned 25 I care more my skin because it is not the same and would love to join this product to my beauty routine! Love it! In addition soon I’ll be birthday (09/09)!! and it would be perfect birthday gift ?❤️???

  23. Done! I have troubled skin because I wear foundation everyday. I have tried many cleansing tools, but they gave more breakouts and irritated my skin too. I hope this FOREO will helps me to get a clean and clear skin again.

  24. I would LOVE to win this product not only because I think it will be great for my skin, but because it will help out our environment too! What could be better than that?! I have struggled with various products and medications to help clear up my skin, but nothing has really done the trick. I am hoping this will!

  25. I would love to win this product because I heard about the great things it can do for acne-ridden skin. I’m hoping for clearer, firmer, healthier skin.

  26. I would love to win this product! During puberty I had the easiest scin. I did not have to deal with acne at all, but the last two years have been hard on my skin. I got al these tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks. I have been struggling with facecleansers for a while and have been saving up for the FOREO lately. To win it would be amazing!

  27. I would LOVE to win one of your New FORNEO facial brushes. My skin needs to come back to life, and I’m certain the FOREO Save The Sea would help exfoliate and cleanse my face gently and quickly. I would be thrilled to win one.

  28. I cannot opet link for foreo facebook which you have provided because it says :”The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in”.But I liked Foreo Sweden page :) I would love to win this foreo device because at this moment I cannot afford to buy it and I am sure it would help me about acne issues.GREETINGS!

  29. Done! I have hyperpigmentation on my face and sometimes it makes me feel insecure. I’ve decided to pay serious attention to my skincare routine and I’ve been hunting for a facial cleansing device and I think this one is amazing, I’ve heard a lot about the brand.

  30. I’ve “Liked” you for quite some time. And I voted for you! I love reading your daily updates – short and sweet and, most importantly, full of useful tidbits.

  31. Liked! And love!! I have been wanting to try Foreo since hearing about amazing results and reviews from friends and bloggers. My skin hasn’t been the same since I moved to LA. I’ve tried all different kinds of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, but I still struggle with blemishes. I am even currently taking a prescription for acne that has helped a lot, but I still long for the clear, healthy, and glowing skin I once had. I just know this product would help after hearing about it from so many avenues!

  32. I like your page (have for a while it’s FAB) – and I would la la LOVE to win this and gift it to my teenage daughter! She’s been asking for one :)

  33. Love it!! This is seriously how I start my day at the office! Thank you thank you for the great posts!

  34. I would love to give this product a try. I like that you’ve already tried it for a year and still love it! Thanks for the chance. I’ve liked both pages!

  35. I tried the Luna play, love it so much but the battery is almost out. Great cleansing device, has improved my skin texture so much!

  36. id like to win to have a better looking face im getting older and sounds like you have great results

  37. Skincare obsessed, love everything about skincare. Would love to have the chance to try this one out because I am looking for a brighter, firmer and cleaner skin.
    Thank you for this chance :)

  38. I’ve been an avid reader for a while now. I love your magazine and Foreo seems like a very cool product! I think it would help my skin since I’m curently under meds keeping it in check, but I’d like to stop taking them. Also, there are no products like this in my country so Foreo could maybe thrive in the market here ^^ they’ve had some bad reviews on their page lately so this is their chance to show new customers that they are serious and trustworthy!

  39. I’ve been hoping to get a Luna ever since I found out about them! Id love to try this to improve circulation as well as my skin surface and texture. Who knows, I might only need a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation every day?

  40. Done! Would love to give this a go – my skin really needs a boost and hopefully it will mean less makeup! :)

  41. I have heard so many great things about this device, but haven’t been able to afford it after having some health issues. I have been battling with small cystic acne bumps and I think this would help me feel confident and pretty. WOULD LOVE TO TRY!!

  42. Wow, this looks really great! I would love to try it on my own skin, as I have never tried a product like this before :)

  43. It is time I start taking WAY better care of my face and what better way to do it than with the fabulous Fareo device :) Seriously I NEED this in my life!!

  44. I would love to try this product out because I have always struggled with clogged pores and acne-prone skin. The fact that you could tell a difference within a week gives me hope! AND plus I absolutely love the fact that this edition is helping to preserve the ocean!
    Thanks for giving all your readers this fun opportunity :)

  45. Personally, I would be overjoyed to win this for two main reasons:
    First of all, having read an immense amount of positive feedback from people who have tried FOREO’s products (these cleansers in particular) I am curious to give them a go myself, in the hopes that doing so would help me with my currently subborn and annoying skin.
    And secondly, I love what the Mini Luna 2 Save the Sea stands for, as we all ought to take MUCH better care of this beautiful planet called Earth, and should do our utmost best to save everyone and everything that inhabits it.

  46. My skin is craving a revitalizing touch. My eyes are hypnotized by this baby blue. My soul is longing for a pretty package from CGD :-) Gimme, gimme, gimme! Please :-)

  47. hi guys! i definitely need a FOREO as i feel nothing could ever clean out my skin to keep it clear like this device would!

  48. I want to win the FOREO device because I’m expecting my first child and the pregnancy hormones are wreaking havoc on my complexion!

  49. I have seen reviews of FOREO all over, and think it is what I’m missing but haven’t been able to get one for myself. I would be forever grateful!

  50. I’ve always wanted a brush for my face, and I really want to try this one! My skin has been breaking out a lot lately, so I definitely need something to give it a deeper clean and keep it healthy!

  51. I have seen Foreo before and i wanted it for the longest time. I am a student and just couldn’t afford it. So it would be really awesome to win this. Thank you for the giveaway!

  52. I want to win this device to spread the word of fresh skin and the foreo and also to get career girl daily rocking! Everyone should know about this website!

  53. With the “ability to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil”, I want to see if it really lives up to the hype! I’m always down to have clearer skin!

  54. I wanted to have it for such a long time! I travel so much it would be great to be able to take it with me and have my daily routine on the road, easy and efficient :)

  55. I already liked your page a while ago and now I am hoping to be lucky and be the winner! Yay. But good luck to everyone!

  56. I have wanted a Foreo for AGES but never taken the plunge to splash out on one! I would love it to be able to write a review on it for my blog ‘LeilaHearts’ as well! xx

  57. I’ve had horrible, debilitating acne for six years. My doctors prescribed everything, including Accutane, and nothing worked. I finally started getting my skin under control this year, and I’ve chronicled my journey on my blog, Foreo represents hope for me and my skin, and I love that they are so committed to the environment, when so much of the world’s waste comes from discarded beauty product packaging.

  58. Foreo is an amazing product! I love that I can use the product of my choice with Foreo. I am so excited to try it!!!

  59. My birthday is in two weeks, and I’ll turn 53. I am looking for an easy but effective way to keep my facial skin healthy. I’d love to have this! I’ve heard it is a wonderful product. Thanks for the opportunity! (yes, I liked your page on Facebook!) and I just love your newsletter, which I get regularly!

  60. Your skin is your largest organ. Growing up, acne or other skin-related issues were never a concern for me. Unfortunately, due to an extreme diet that I did in my early twenties that completely ruined my internal system it had an impact on my skin. I broke out in ways that I never had before and so many years later, at the age of 25 I am still struggling with pimples and scars on my face. It has become a major hit on my confidence and self esteem. If there is something out there that can help rejuvenate my skin, making it fresh and glow then I definitely want to get my hands on it. I am following a healthy eating plan, which does not involve me dieting or depriving myself of anything that I may want to indulge in. But just like the rest of us, for anything else; sometimes we all need a little something extra, that small push, that small saviour. I have liked both pages on Facebook!

  61. I need this device as I suffer from bad skin and acne on my chin due to hormonal issue. This doesnt look good with the careergirl outfit!

  62. Liked! Would love to try out this product. My Grandmother has something similar and swears it’s the best thing ever for skin care!

  63. Liked! Love that FOREO made this partnership, too! xo (just saw on their Facebook that they recently opened up a store near me in Paris, can’t wait to check it out!)

  64. Would love to win this product. In my 30s, skin is getting duller, drier and less taut, with acne! Cannot wait to try FOREO!!!

  65. I recently started my first full time job and my new schedule coupled with the lack of sleep has had a serious effect on my naturally oily, acne prone skin. I want to win this device because a FOREO would be the solution to all of my skin woes!

  66. Done :) I am so excited to try it! I’ve been dying to buy one for myself but couldn’t justify it budget wise.

    Thanks CGD

  67. I want this device so much because I love having healthy and beautiful skin and I’ve been wanting to have it for a while. Such a great brand!

  68. I would like to win this device because it is the best way to have flawless skin in a very short time and because it also have anti aging effect

  69. I did visit ur FB page it says Foreo can’t be displayed right now try back later so I will keep trying. I need a for for my oily skin. I have breakouts in my chin and around my nose most of the time. Sometimes in my cheeks. I’m late 40s and hoped that we would not be a problem at this age. But it is. I have been fighting and surviving Cancer for 14 yrs next month. Beat it 5-6time by now lots and lots of chemo radiation and bone marrow transplant 12 yrs ago. It’s a treatable NHL slow growing and they say it’s not curable! We will see. I know so far it hasn’t been. It’s been very hard had both hips replaced and partial shoulder because the steroids I’m given breaking down my bones and teeth. I have to get dentures ASAP I can afford them. My hubby of 30 yrs left the end of May. I have three so. Two grown and one HS Junior. He lives with me. They help and take good care of me. I don’t a vehicle running right now I got left with bills piled and broken truck. The hubby hasn’t worked for a year. Want my fault. I’m on disibility. Not very much money a month. So I can’t get nice things. My older two boys help pay my rent and bills. Or j would be in the streets. Couldn’t believe he left us to fend for ourselves he went two hours away to his moms.

  70. I would love to win this due to the comments i have read, I am close to retirement age and looking for a new position, this may hep my face to look younger.
    Thank you for the contest.

  71. My skin is so sad between the sun damage and the changes post hysterectomy. BTW, replacement hormones did nothing for me… :(

  72. Done and done! I’d love to try the Foreo and see what a difference it will make to my skin – one, because I am a lazy girl and the Foreo looks like it will be my new best friend. And two, because I just turned 30 so I need to start looking after my skin better!

  73. I’m on a “cleansing” journey. I try to eat more fruits and veggies (raw). I drink a lot of smoothies and also lots of water. It has a great effect on my skin. However, it still has some breaks. And I think that the Foreo could give a final push which would make my skin perfect and glowing!

    ? from Brussels!

  74. And done :) I liked the German site of FOREO (because the other link was closed). I like to win this amazing giveaway, because after hospital and many pills I had to take my skin needs a proper skin care and some relaxing time. And this would be awsome! :D
    I need my little glow back and maybe it helps to reduce my bloating look and skin.

    Greeting from Germany!

  75. Done! I am so curious about this and would LOVE to give it a try! I am a triathlete and am out in the sun all the time so my face does take a beating from the wind, water and sun. I think this could help reverse some of the damages.

  76. Even with exfoliators, toners and great face wash, I feel like I can’t get my skin as clean as I’d like. This device sounds amazing!

  77. Done! For the first time ever, at age 28, I’m beginning to become obsessed with anti-aging! I love your post on cosmetic fillers/botox too, you made a complicated topic very simple and easy to read! I would LOVE to try the FOREO device!

  78. CiaoI I’d like to win so everyone might think that is possible a case like Benjamin Button :) ! I voted for you <3 , i'm one of your followers and I started to follow FOREO ( the international page – with headquarters in Sweden- because i couldn't put the like on the uk page).

  79. i still have no boyfriend .. try to keep myself young until i will find him :P

    (could not like the FOREOUK-facebook page)

  80. I have super sensitive skin, so I’ve always been wary of using cleansing tools, but this looks like it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin! I would really love to be able to give it a try (plus the turtle is so cute).

  81. This has been on my wish list forever! I would love to finally try it. Thanks so much for the giveaway X

  82. I’m always on the hunt for skincare products that can help improve the texture of my skin. Most liquid scrubs are too harsh so I avoid them but this Foreo device looks like it might work for me!

  83. Done! I liked the nordic site of FOREO because the other link was closed. I’m very curious about this poduct because I have heard so many positive reviews. My skin seems to never get cleansed properly – I always get breakouts no matter what skincare products I’m using. After what I’m hearing, this device is exactly what my skincare routine is missing in order to get flawless skin. By the way, I love this blog! My day just is not the same without my daily dose of Career Girl Daily xx

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