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Microdermabrasion is a real hit, it’s described as ‘plastic surgery without plastic surgery’ and is essentially a simple and non-disruptive exfoliating device that helps you appear more youthful and buff away dead skin.

Been wanting to try it? Well, now you can do it without the pricey booking at a clinic. We’re giving away the fantastic Personal Miroderm Microdermabrasion Kit in pink! So you can really transform your bathroom into a spa!

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  • Sara

    I would love to see more posts about using your weekends productively. I always have such good intentions but they always go out the window!

  • Cindi Thomas

    Every day I look to see if I have and email in Bloglovin from you, such an interesting read. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  • Nkirote Mutisya

    I’d love to see more frequent posts on how to nail the blogging world and how to define your own style. Otherwise, ya’ll are doing a good job!

  • Elisa Bragunde

    It’s just like you always know what I need

  • Simona

    I would like to see more post on how to be confident and yourself when you are introvert!

  • @TheFarahNabilah

    i’d like to see more posts on productivity!

  • Isabell

    I would love to read more about useful advice for productivity, planning, well-being and beautytips! It would also be nice with some more tips about good inspirational books and blogs :)

  • Liliana Neves

    I would like to read article how to find the ideal job and be fulfilled at 40´s.

  • Anna

    I’d like to see more posts on pursuing passions and starting your own career doing what you love!

  • Davina-Lara

    I would love to read how to survive an office job in your twenties when you’re by far the youngest in the office! I love all the other ‘how to’-articles.

  • Emily

    My favorite articles from CGD are the lists. It doesn’t matter what the topic is I always love reading them. I honestly just love reading about what people love enough to recommend to others

  • Alicia Doyle

    I would love to see skin care products that aren’t expensive!

  • – Fanny Cortade –

    First of all ive just discover the website few days ago, and i’m amazed by the content, i’m actually reading every articles since the begining. So inspiring !! So thanks you ! Then what i really like is the articles about the business and how 20’s something need to make it in the fashion world . I’m myself starting a photographer career and i’m drinking every words you have ! Merci beaucoup and bisous from Paris !

  • Lily Ho

    It would be great to see posts on career girls and their lifestyles.

  • Colette Fountain

    I love so many articles by career girl but something i would love to see is more inspiring stories about famous designers and advice on how to get into the industry as a teenager

  • Amber Rose

    I’d love to see more posts on loving the skin you’re in!

  • new-doe kaledzi

    I love love love career girl daily. I love your posts but i would love more posts on success stories of women in fields of law, medecine, and other professions especially “male dominated professions” ,who were able to break the glass ceilings and how they balance work and family life etc. I believe i and other ladies interested in these professions can learn a lot from them.
    Love from Paris

  • lynn nelson

    I love reading your blogs… I read eally like the postive attitude type ones… And the business advice… And well, basically all of them… Thank you

  • Vicky K.

    I love the posts about fashion and style!

  • Marj Aracan

    You have really helpful posts and I always look forward to your new ideas, motivational and inspiring posts. The do’s and dont’s guidelines, great style and new learnings! I like how you empower every girl, reading and visiting your website!💙 Thank you and more power!

  • Ima Garryl

    This may be a little more on the dark side of careergirl, but could you consider a story on helping girls, or women for that matter, on how to step in or back in to a career. I have seen so many women of all ages struggling to get that first job or that new job that will improve their quality of life, but they cant because they may lack a simple skill needed to make them qualified. That degree isnt always going to get you the job and sometimes re-entry to the workforce is even tougher.Maybe a few tips on what skills are in demand in different areas of the country. I actually met a history professor working at the DMV, because she had taken time off to care for a child. She is willing to go back to school and even relocate, but in the very small city shes in there is no employment agency or advisor to guide her in where to begin. I am willing to bet there are women like this all over the world. There are even teachers working at McDonalds, because there are an oversaturation of teachers in the area. Something is really wrong with this and I think that you could make a great go to guide on how to turn this around for so many women. Just a thought , thanks for the great articles.

  • Jaime

    I enjoy inspirational articles as well as lists. I especially like when there are practica and applicable l items on lists or “to-do’s”!

  • S Geo

    I like to read profesional tips and career articles.

  • Mathilde

    Thank you for the beautiful giveway. I like your posts but I would love to read more posts about women success stories in manual works like Chefs, bakers, builders etc…. who were able to break the glass ceilings and how they balance work and family life for instance
    Keep on the good work ! Best from France

  • Miranda Houchens

    I would love to see more articles geared towards women working outside of the corporate world (social services, education, governmental jobs, etc.)!

  • RAe-Lynn Brook

    I would love to read more about the brain, memory, and productivity.

  • Erika

    I would like to read more about success stories! Maybe you can do a segment where you spotlight a woman each week, maybe use #wcw? Also more articles about balancing work and life.. :)

  • Jazz Valerie

    I’d love to read more articles about what make creative career girls more successful; Some stories with a little more color or depth or background would be nice!

  • Heather S

    I would love to read interviews of other successful career girls! :)

  • Nida

    How to usefully spend lunch break when it lasts for an hour and you literally eating about 10 minutes :)

  • Lílith

    I would love to read about how i can use old clothes in a fashion way ;)

  • Petronella Risita Achieng

    I’d love to read about tips and advice on getting internships, with companies that are within the field you want to work in :)

  • Charlotte

    I would love to read more about self improvement in general and maybe some tips about self confidence, especially when starting a new work experience.. 🙈😬

    Anyways, thank you girls for inspiring and motivating so many of us! ☺️

  • Erica Sullivan

    I love the tips and advice on how to succeed in your chosen career. Women helping other women succeed is a powerful thing!

  • Allison

    I love all of your articles, but especially like the practical skill ones. Finances, online courses, beauty routines … Anything that has me thinking ‘I want to try that’.

  • carmen miller

    So far I’m liking everything that is on your site. I am happy, and excited to have clicked on your post, as all the information and ideas are fresh and informative. I will be sharing this with my daughter. I know she’ll be interested. Love, Love your site.

  • Andrea – The Tiny Telescope

    I would live to read about where to get clothes that are work appropriate, or an article about the impact having kids can have on your career, specially when you are 1-3 years into it. ;)

  • dragana jovovic

    You have really helpful posts and I always look forward to your new ideas, motivational and inspiring posts and it would bee really wonderful to see more inspiring stories generally about life, some healthy advice ..

  • Chloe Beveridge

    I love everything about CGD, including your amazing app, every article is appealing and I read every word, along with enjoying your fantastic photography. The only thing I would say to include would be a few more posts about budget beauty or fashion, but apart from that there are no more improvements!

  • Cassiopée Downey

    So much amazinf information on this website! I’d love for more beauty articles!

  • Linzi Sutcliffe

    The thing I love about this blog is the range of topics you cover, but i’m always happy to see more healthy & fitness and food (Healthy and not..I don’t mind :) )

  • Natalie Crossan

    Fantastic, i’m natalielara1989 on instagram and have signed up to the newsletter. I’d love to see more beauty articles x

  • Lílith

    who won??

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