How To: Go From Desk To Drinks In Less Than 5 Minutes With This Must Have Accessory

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When I worked at a magazine, Friday’s were our favorite day. The girls would bring big bags (and sometimes even suitcases) with makeup, outfits, straighteners and hair spray with them just to get ready for their Friday night and go from casual to classy. The office bathroom would be converted into some kind of boudoir and the scent of perfume and hairspray could be smelt from the top floor to the cafeteria. It was fun, but not really the best way to go from desk to drinks. I always watched them, bemused, as they transformed themselves and sashayed out of the door with their suitcases in tow.

Luckily, you don’t have to take over the office toilets to go from casual to classy, here are our top tips to transform yourself from desk to drinks in a snap!

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Celina – Creative Director CGD 

Actually, it’s all in the accessories, a watch with interchangeable straps like the CLUSE La Bohéme in black is a true classic (we can never go wrong with black and this watch is really affordable!).  And when you’re wearing your cute Spring dress or LBD you can easily swap your black straps for this amazing gold/white combo and totally match your evening outfit! I’m telling you these watches are genius for quick outfit swaps and busy career girls.

Also, I try to always have a beauty bag full of minis with me whenever I go. I actually counted how many lipsticks I have in my bag on a daily basis and I counted 6 (How many do you have in your bag?). So I guess, I am all good in the lip department…

I’ll curl my hair in the morning and make sure to set it with a good hairspray, so my curls last all day. I like to bring a pair of chic heels with me so I can quickly change and not worry about my footwear looking out-of-place. Plan ahead and wear a fitted dress or pretty skirt so that when you pair it with your heels and the right accessories it seems like a completely different look.

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Beth – Managing Editor CGD

The most important part for me is my makeup, I like to feel comfortable in a bar so I bring a velvet lip pencil and some lip injection gloss to create a vampy lip and a stick foundation that can even be applied at the desk with a handheld mirror. For that extra glam, I have a small travel bottle of sea salt spray that I’ll tousle through my hair. I’m definitely a bigger fan of quick and effortless transformations.

You can wear your office shirt in the evening with high waisted trousers and a cute pair of shoes, I think that’s one of my favorite looks and it doesn’t really require any outfit changes if you have a gorgeous pair of flats. For an extra stylish look, I usually wear a choker or an arm cuff, festival jewelry is the best!

Lois – Sales Director CGD 

Don’t forget the simple stuff like bringing a brush or mascara with you, if you need to change make sure you only have to change one item, for example, top or bottoms, so you don’t have to bring everything – and pack lightly in a stylish rucksack so you don’t have to carry a large tote bag everywhere with you. I always bring a great pair of earrings and a bottle of perfume with me, because accessories speak for themselves.

As Celina said, the addition of a great watch just makes an outfit. Make sure to check out the CLUSE collection  and fall in love like we did at CGD HQ. These watches are just super affordable and interchangeable straps are just genius for color coordinating your look. Now you can have your watch in every color you like. Thanks us later!

Ps. Patricija is wearing the CLUSE La Bohéme, Skirt + Top Pinko

Photography by Johnny Fonseca, Location: Dorsett London,

  • dreamofadventures

    I curl my hair in the morning too if I know I am doing something after work =o)
    great tips because now that the weather has been better my after work schedule has been filling up!

  • Camille Beygui

    Lovely post

  • Giovanna

    Love this! Your blog is great, I think it will resonate with mine. Would love to get your feedback :)

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Who doesn’t love Friday nights?! ;)

    Great post

  • Pam C

    I love the skirt in this, where can I purchase it?

    • The skirt is from Pinko

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