Go Get ‘Em: How To Ask Your Boss For Feedback Like A Pro

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A good boss should always be willing to develop their employees by giving feedback. Whether it be positive or negative and yes, the negative can be hard to handle, feedback is an important way to learn and become more successful.

Here’s our guide of what to do and don’t the next time you’re wanting to get quality feedback! And if you’re wanting to start a conversation over your pay cheque, read our guide to negotiating salary.




Be specific! 

Schedule an exact time for the discussion and give your boss a heads up so they can prepare. “During my next one-on-one, would you be willing to give me some feedback on my presentation to the group?” You should also come prepared and know precisely what it is you want feedback on! “I would love to get your thoughts on my delivery style.” Being specific will guarantee you’ll get out of the meeting the information you want to find out!


Remember to say thank you!

It is important to thank your manager or mentor for taking the time out of their day to give you feedback. Shoot ’em an email just to recap and document your discussion – it will also prove to them that you’re taking their advice seriously!


Use your own initiative 

Entering the meeting, come along with your own suggestions and solutions. It will show you’re dedicated and ready to take any step to achieve personal & professional growth. You could ask your boss if there is anyone they would recommend that is knowledgeable in the area you’re looking to develop.


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Take it personally

It is 100% okay to feel disheartened hearing criticism – everybody feels that way! But remember not to become defensive or think it is a reflection of you as a person because feedback is subjective and will help you progress! Want more advice on how to handle criticism? This article is for you!


Waste it!

Now that you’ve received feedback, the worst thing you can do… is nothing. This is the time to shine – show your boss that you’re worth the investment, able to learn from your mistakes and grow.


 Think your learning is done

The learning doesn’t end with the meeting, it’s entirely the opposite! Think what can you do to keep on learning? Here’s our list of essential career skills you can gain online! Don’t shy away from asking your colleagues for help because they’re also great for feedback. Opening yourself up will help build friendships and possibly future recommendations.

By Rachel Curran

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