Goal Digger: 6 Notebooks That Will Keep You Motivated

Photo: Ban.do

Who doesn’t love the feel of a fresh new notebook? After you’ve doodled in it, filled out a page or two and then taken a pretty Instagram picture of it, your lovely new notebook will probably then be placed in a drawer never to be looked at ever again.

However, if you can find a way to fill it in as often as possible they are really rather nifty little things and can help you stay on top of your workload schedule and your day to day tasks. Don’t believe us? Check out our article about motivational lists.




Sometimes you need a reminder to stay on task, especially after a weekend. Read our article on getting into work mode after the weekend and grab this motivational notebook to help you get everything done!


Nikki Strange Pink Tropicana Notebook

The sun is on its way! If you need to feel tropical vibes and start planning your holidays, grab this pink tropical notebook from Nikki Strange and write all your holiday plans down!


ban.do ‘Have Fun’ mini notebook


Work is great, but you sometimes need a reminder to have fun. This super cute ban.do notebook will remind you that the finer things in life include pizza, wine and kittens.


Smythson Fashionably Late notebook


If you’re the kind of person who loves high fashion and is always late, this super luxe notebook is for you. You aren’t late darling, you’re just making an entrance!


Lanvin Happy Notebook


This cute notebook will remind you to be happy even on the worst day ever! Keep it with you and smile!


Urban Outfitters My Bucket List Notebook



Shoot for the Moon Journal ($10)


Need to save for that dream travel experience? Read our article to find out how and then cross it off your beautiful bucket list from Urban Outfitters.

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  1. Ah these are so nice!! I love stationary and these are proper fab. Ban.do SLAY with stuff like this. I really need to get involved; I want to start a Bullet Journal really badly

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

  2. I love notebooks, ever since I was little I had a book for everything. I love the bucket list one from Urban Outfitters! X


  3. Loving the bucket list notebook, I’d definitely use that to fill it with my dream trips and things that inspire me! I’d love something like that! What a great list of notebooks, I’m a sucker for all things stationary :)

    My Lovelier Days

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