Going To An Event By Yourself: 4 Killer Conversation Starters


You are the only one of your colleagues that went to the event, so here you are, standing by yourself with a drink in your hand and no one to talk to. Everyone seems to have found someone to have a nice chat with and jumping into a conversation that has already started (remember Bridget Jones trying that one? Very painful!) is not your strongest suit.

You don’t feel like being the loner for the rest of the night, so while you are glancing around the room full of people you notice that you are not the only one who hasn’t found someone to talk to yet. You walk up to the person while you are thinking how am I going to handle this; how am I going to initially engage with this person, how am I going to pick a suitable and sustainable topic. With a million and one thoughts that are now running through your head, try to remember these simple steps:

#1 – Make a compliment

‘Love your necklace’, ‘I like your top’, making a compliment is always a good way to start a conversation. Everyone loves to receive a compliment, it will immediately break the ice and it shows that you have paid attention to detail. This way, you have opened the conversation in a positive manner, whilst putting the other person at ease and feel more comfortable which allows you to have an enjoyable conversation.

#2 – Ask a question

Not a ‘yes or no’ question, but an open question. This allows the other person to share knowledge or to tell a story. Questions like, ‘how did you end up at this event’ or ‘what do you do’ are the most common and easy, but always good, conversation starters.

#3 – Make a funny comment

Probably a difficult one for most of the people, but making a funny comment can be a real killer conversation starter. Just like making a compliment, a funny comment breaks the ice and allows you to ask a question, which will get the conversation really started.

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#4 – Find a common ground

Once you started the conversation, try to find a common ground. This always will keep a conversation going and makes it more interesting for the both of you. Exchanging business cards is mostly the result of having found a common ground, where you can be of interest to each other.

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  • Ella

    Great tips, I find the compliment one always works well!

  • Jas Poole

    Brilliant! Thanks for the info.

    Jas x / jas poole blog

  • Lauren

    These are great tips, I usually ask about their blogs – always a winner!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • epm

    Three of my four young adult children struggle with social conversation skills. I have advised them to consider the context of the social event, and to use that as a starter. So, I totally agree with the suggestion to ask what brings the other to the event. I have also tried to suggest an exit strategy in case a conversation lags. I suggest a smile or small laugh with something along the lines of “Well, I guess we’ve covered just about everything. It was great meeting you.”

  • Ellé

    Great tips. I’m going to my first blogger event on Saturday and I’m really nervous to meet new people! x

    Ellé | http://www.ellesimpson.co.uk

    • Celina

      That is so exciting! Good luck

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Making a compliment is a great start.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Oh Hey! Blog

    Avoid just standing there, smiling. It can be creepy than welcoming. Sometimes changing your facial expressions can make you look more engaged in what is going on than just standing against a wall grinning haha

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  • Gemma Carey

    I always go to events on my own so this has helped a lot! I’m so shy and awful and starting conversations but sometimes plucking up the courage is better than standing there like a lemon!


  • Tamíris Denkiu Hartmann


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