Going To An Event By Yourself: 4 Killer Conversation Starters

You are the only one of your colleagues that went to the event, so here you are, standing by yourself with a drink in your hand and no one to talk to.

Everyone seems to have found someone to have a nice chat with and jumping into a conversation that has already started (remember Bridget Jones trying that one? Very painful!) is not your strongest suit.

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You don’t feel like being the loner for the rest of the night, so while you are glancing around the room full of people you notice that you are not the only one who hasn’t found someone to talk to yet. You walk up to the person while you are thinking how am I going to handle this; how am I going to initially engage with this person, how am I going to pick a suitable and sustainable topic. With a million and one thoughts that are now running through your head, try to remember these simple steps:

#1 – Make a compliment

‘Love your necklace’, ‘I like your top’, making a compliment is always a good way to start a conversation. Everyone loves to receive a compliment, it will immediately break the ice and it shows that you have paid attention to detail. This way, you have opened the conversation in a positive manner, whilst putting the other person at ease and feel more comfortable which allows you to have an enjoyable conversation.

#2 – Ask a question

Not a ‘yes or no’ question, but an open question. This allows the other person to share knowledge or to tell a story. Questions like, ‘how did you end up at this event’ or ‘what do you do’ are the most common and easy, but always good, conversation starters.

#3 – Make a funny comment

Probably a difficult one for most of the people, but making a funny comment can be a real killer conversation starter. Just like making a compliment, a funny comment breaks the ice and allows you to ask a question, which will get the conversation really started.

#4 – Find a common ground

Once you started the conversation, try to find a common ground. This always will keep a conversation going and makes it more interesting for the both of you. Exchanging business cards is mostly the result of having found a common ground, where you can be of interest to each other.

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  • Clare

    Great tips!!

    Clare | http://www.clare-without-an-i.com

  • Oly

    I am sooo shy! I will definitely try some of these, I am sure they will help break the ice! :)


  • Dyane

    Awesome tips! Thank you!:)


  • joy

    i hope never to be in this position. too awkward but i think introducing your self is the best way to start. hi i’m joy (extend hand) I’m a fashion blogger… the person will respond with his or her credentials…. then u can gage their interest in talking to you


  • Ruby Sterland

    Great tips! Going to an event solo is one of my worst nightmares so I’ll bare these in mind x


  • Lauren

    I’m better at events now, but a compliment and finding common ground always works!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • Elise Rose

    I love this post, never really thought of giving a compliment before, such a good idea!

  • Sabrina

    I live by the ‘ask a question’ rule, even if it seems completely mundane. But, it can be tricky if you come off too nosy or even condescending indeed!

    xx Sabrina

  • Sara

    Such great tips!

  • Jay Ong

    I absolutely ADORE this blog and I am so glad I found it! There are just so many useful tips on it which relate to me and they are exactly what I need to hear.


  • Alexandra

    Great post i’ll definitely be using some of these!!x

  • Atic

    Thank you for this post Lois. I’m an introvert by heart and have always struggled to start a conversation at events with no familiar faces around. Will definitely try these tips the next time.

  • Raquel

    I love commenting about something at the event, like the food, presentation or people. I try to keep my comments very positive and I ask the person what he or she thinks about it. That usually does the trick.


  • Helena

    Great post for someone who’s shy like me. I always try to be open and positive when meeting new people, and I’ve found that simply just being nice to everyone (no matter who they are) helps a lot. Thank you for your tips! Wrote everything down.


  • Amanda

    Wonderful tips. I’m heading to a charity event solo in a couple of weeks so will definitely try these out!

  • Tasmin

    Loved this post, such simple but important tips! The thought of attending events alone always makes me feel nervous, but you have to suck it up and act confident (and you’ll soon feel more confident too!). I definitely agree that complimenting the other person is a great way to break the ice…but remember to be genuine with your compliments :)! Lovely post, thanks

    Tasmin | Grandiose Days


    very very useful post! so needed!
    thanks for this one!


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