Get The Glow: Can You Create A Fresh-Faced Look Without Makeup?

photo: @ksyander


Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably got sick of me banging on about skin care. I was diagnosed with rosacea and switched my routine for all-natural products. I stopped using a couple of things and luckily reversed the redness, but it hasn’t put me off my skincare addiction.

One thing I have learned these past weeks is how to look fresh faced without putting any makeup on (for those weeks where I had to find out what was triggering it) and the benefit of patch testing every single new product.

How nice does it feel to turn your face upwards and let the hot water sprinkle all over your face? STOP! This can burst blood vessels and super hot water can leave your skin looking dry and dull. Instead, splash warm (the colder the better) water on your face and don’t let that pesky shower water rain down on your skin (it’s too hard!).

For people like me with sensitive skin, exfoliation is a tough area – I usually do my t-zone only and steer clear of my sensitive cheeks. Cloths slough off dead skin but for a gentle, professional exfoliation you should put the new Foreo Luna Go on your list. I’m taking it in my hand luggage this week because the cute size just gets me. Something about dinky products hurts my heart.

I remember the first time I was introduced to the concept of oils at a beauty event, I ran out of space on my arm for the oil demonstrations, but I’ve only just started using them now. Part of my routine at the moment is Caudalie Divine Oil, I massage it into my face while I’m in the bath for a boost of hydration, it’s unbelievable how different I look after just adding oil. If you’re a little more suspicious of facial oils MILK MAKEUP Sunshine Oil is a roll-on product for quick hydration on the go and is perfect for taking on your travels.

I don’t wear foundation anymore unless I’m going out or want to look really airbrushed and polished. There’s a new hero in my life and that’s BB cream. It has enough coverage to cover any red areas or blemishes but is light enough that it doesn’t clog pores. I really recommend BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream, it’s a best-seller on Sephora at the moment and is my everyday coverage before heading out to work.

Finish your glowing look with a facial spritz for extra hydration, once absorbed your skin will definitely be glowing and you won’t feel the need for any extra products. REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist gives you defence against pollution (and ageing) and gives you a cooling, hydrating boost. Finally, give your lashes a lil’ curling boost with an eyelash curler so you don’t even need mascara!


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