You Got This! Learn How To Become Your Own Cheerleader


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Getting out of the bed can be such an emotional thing, saying goodbye to the warm comfort of the duvet and facing the fact you have to work. It can be especially difficult to find motivation and stay positive when you have a long hard day ahead. 

However, we are here for you with some great advice on how to motivate yourself and cheer yourself on throughout the day. Career girls: just keep on pushing through!

#1 Set goals

Set yourself milestones to reach, so that when you do get there, you can give yourself praise. Come Monday morning, when you have a huge heap of files waiting on your desk, just take 5 minutes to grab a coffee to mentally prepare yourself and create a realistic list of all the tasks you will get done by the end of the day. Don’t stress, we’ve got you, here’s how to manage your projects like a boss.

#2 Don’t forget to treat yourself

Once you’ve hit your goals or you’ve had a successful week (or you’ve had a stressful one) it’s important to treat yourself! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little R&R or rewarding yourself with a glass of wine or two. Because you are a girl boss and deserve to feel good about your achievements! Did you know giving yourself a pamper day could be the best thing for your career? Here’s why.

#3 Surround yourself with inspiration 

Find someone who truly inspires you on a daily basis and take inspiration from how they achieved their goals. Let their motivation in life cheer you on to follow in their footsteps! Check out our ‘How She Did It’ videos to find out more on inspirational and successful women, like Daisy Ridley, Stella McCartney, and Rebel Wilson.

#4 Be your own reason to smile

For the moments when you wake up not feeling on top of the world, try and remember the things in life that make you smile.  Run yourself a bath, paint your nails, read your favorite book or put on some Destiny Child classics to put yourself in a good mood. “I’m a survivor” will never cease to make your day brighter and spike up your motivation! Learn how to never have a bad day again with these simple tips.

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  • Amy Sewell

    Agreed! As a business owner, lifestyle expert and TV spokesperson, I believe this proactive approach also helps you take control of your day – instead of letting other people control your attitude and agenda.; Instagram @amysewellstyle

  • Hannah Lucy

    This is so damn true!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • RobynLouiiise

    Love This! Taking a bit of time in the morning when I get t the office to gather myself and look at what I need to achieve throughout the day has helped my productivity so much.

    Robyn |

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