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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop once came under fire because of it’s content. Gift guides worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, strange advice, diets that none of us could afford. But actually, it is a lifestyle website and has been one of the first to push a healthy living agenda that everyone is trying to follow now. And it’s commendable that an actress with a dream job walked away from all of that to pursue entrepreneurship and her passion.

In a post for LinkedIn, Gwyneth talks about her decision to walk away from acting and why it was so cool.

In the piece, Gwyneth admits her split decision to launch Goop wasn’t meticulously planned. “The decision I made in 2008 to start what would become the that exists today was perhaps a rogue one, and perhaps not that well thought out.”

She decided to launch it, after becoming that friend that was always on speed dial for the best restaurants, the best recipes, and the best travel advice. She decided she had so much knowledge about lifestyle advice, she should create a place to share it. Which is where Goop came from. I’m sure lots of us can relate to that, that’s how most blogs are born.

“Not that I was the first to dream of creating a lifestyle brand. And I’m not sure it’s even empirically true, but I was credited with being the first actress of my stature to, well, become a founder, an entrepreneur.”

And because of her decision, she is often criticized and pitted against other actresses and celebrities who decide to found brands or create websites as well. But her fame is also a hindrance for her business, as when the tabloids run random headlines, it can affect the website and the people who are involved. “There is a difference in your mom calling you to ask if it’s really true that you were shopping for an engagement ring (nope) and your venture debt bank calling you to say “what the fuck is going on?” when they read multiple terribly reported stories that you are leaving your own business.”

“I (basically) walked away from a career where people kissed my ass to being grilled by a VC or my board. I used to worry about myself and myself alone, and now I am responsible for the livelihoods of 50+ people. These days I spend every waking hour trying to execute on a strategy I created with my team to make goop the number one global lifestyle brand (a girl can dream), while trying to get us to profitability before my series B runs out. All while being as professionally fulfilled and happy as I have ever been in my life. More so.”

And the lessons she’s learned? Think before you speak, self-belief is essential and have a thick skin. She admits she works seriously hard, in a very unglamorous way, to realize her dreams!

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