Hair Color Trends You Need To Try This Year


If there’s one thing we girls are obsessed with it’s our hair. Everything else can go wrong, but when it’s your hairdo then you know it’s not going to be a good day. I get you! We want perfect hair without the effort, but did you know picking the right color can actually make this easier?

Picking the right tones can take your hair from drab to fab. And with the summer months fast approaching there’s no better time than to reinvent yourself with a new hair color. So, check out our favorites that will be big ones for next year:

IN: Sun-Kissed Brown:


OUT: Balayage Highlights:


Rather than mixing your dark brown hair with highlights and dip-dye effect, it’s all about natural, warm brown hair for the hotter months ahead.

Instead, it’s all about sun-kissed ends, which are a little blonder and lighter than the base. But lighting up your brown hair is in, so step away from darker tones and say hello to warmer ones.


IN: Ice Blonde



OUT: The Natural Blonde



If you were born blonde, you will know that the only color that suits you will be blonde. So, you can’t exactly be creative with your hair colors. But you can be creative with the blonde tones you work with.

Enter icy white-blonde hair, which is perfect if you don’t have naturally blonde hair. It’s a hair color that’s cool and is striking enough on its own. But, for the extra cool look add some lavender undertones.




IN: Warm Ginger


OUT: Pumpkin Spice Hair


Red hair is a popular color that never goes out style. It’s become one of the most desired hair colors as everyone tries to pull of the natural, copper tones of a redhead. But, you don’t have to be born with it to pull it off.

And just as brown hair is getting warmer and brighter so is red hair. It’s all about embracing the natural and exaggerating it!




Which hair color are you going to try?



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