How To Handle A Side Job During The Busiest Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and the busiest. With the holidays approaching, many Career Girls are turning to side gigs to earn a bit of extra moolah for the best party season we know. If you’re thinking of making a bit of money on the side, check out Career Girl Daily’s tips for handling a side gig during the busiest time of the year:

Make a list (that’s full of lists)

Find a notebook, a whiteboard, or poster paper, and write down the different types of commitments you have from now until New Year’s Eve. These should include your main source of income (most likely your full-time job), your side hustle, your family commitments, and your boyfriend/friend commitments. Under each of these headings, start writing what each of these commitments involve; so for family, it might say “Sister’s Nativity play”, “Christmas day with Mom and Dad” and “Presents for parents, sisters, cousins.” Do this for each commitment type and write down all the fixed dates in your diary. Take a look at the next six weeks. Do you have time for everything?

Build your work around this schedule.

Usually side jobs mean taking assignments that are mainly assigned sporadically so you won’t know your full schedule; a shift on a Saturday requested the week before, a transcription on a Tuesday that’s due on a Thursday. The next time an assignment or opportunity comes in, consult your calendar—are you going to have time to fulfill the request? Although you might be eager, accepting the work and then not being able to complete it will put you in a worse position than politely declining; when you’re freelance, your reputation is everything, and a bad review could mean a limit to the new work you get!

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

If you don’t have time for everything (you might not!) then it’s time to trim the fat. Think of the things that can be dropped off, and try not to take too much from any one category. For example; if you can’t go to your friend’s holiday party, make sure you can make the next event she throws. Be as up-front and honest as you can be with your friends and colleagues; they won’t take it personally if they understand the reason behind you turning them down.

Keep a budget.

Sometimes with a bit of extra money in the bank, it’s easy to spend it just as quickly. A coffee here, a new sweater there; the concept of “Well I’m working very hard—I deserve this!” is kind of counter-intuitive to having a side hustle. Remember why you’re making this extra money—is it for a specific party dress? Presents for your loved ones? Keep a tally of all money coming in and going out, especially if you’re being paid with cash. It’s so important to ensure that the money is going to the place you want it to!

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