This Is What Happens When You Spend Too Much Time With Your Colleague

Seeing each other every day has its highlights. It’s easy to get through to Friday when you’re in the office all day, but it doesn’t just stop there. When you work together every day your WhatsApp chat gets . . . a little interesting, to say the least. Celina and I delved into our chats and decided there are a few hilarious benefits to spending too much time together.

1. You have to send photo evidence of your outside life


Yes, I have a problem. That fur throw smells funny, but it looks pretty. And yes, I bought it while grocery shopping. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I needed to share my problem.

2. Screenshots are a new way of communicating


The things we’re most proud of include choosing clothes that other people actually wear.

3. You end up dressing the same out of hours


On those days where we’re wearing the same pjs and watching the same shows we realize that there is something seriously wrong with us, and maybe we need to take a break from each other for a bit! We love our metallic star pjs though, can’t blame us for that.

3. You find time to laugh about your old mistakes


The time when we styled a croissant will forever go down as one of our most hilarious early mistakes. Still funny. Also, work chats are always littered with spelling mistakes, always!

4. You share stupid selfies


Previous conversation: “Looking at my old photos to see if anyone would think I’d had surgery. I hope someone does. Keep the mystery alive. I just learned to do my eyebrows and lost a few pounds.”

5. You update each other on the way to work


Just a heads up, I’m coming to infect everybody in the office.

6. You talk about the really important issues


The news that actually matters. Although Lena didn’t seem too annoyed she was happy that she’d got her branding just right . . . haha.


Featured photo: Park & Cube

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