The Happiest Vacations To Go On This Year



If there’s one thing we Career Girls love more than our careers, it is, of course, our vacations. We work so hard all year round that if anyone deserves one, it’s us!

And because it’s really the one time of year we get to really relax, we want to make sure our vacations are not only sunny but full of happiness too, even if it means we have to go halfway around the world (which isn’t such a bad thing).

So, if like me, you’re looking for the happiest vacations to go on this year, then scroll below for the hottest destinations you can go to:


1. Chile


By taking a look at the photo, is it any surprise that this is one of the happiest vacations you should take? And if you’re anything like me, you would never have expected this from Chile. It’s absolutely stunning – a place you can be at peace.


Why is it so happy: Chile has more than you could ever imagine. There are small beach villages, where you can stay in seaside resorts if you can’t stay away from the beach. But it even has gorgeous scenery up in the mountains and lakes. In the wintertime, you can even ski here. So, Chile really does have something for everyone.

What to do on your visit: You will have to visit the Lake District, which is so often compared to the beauty of Switzerland. But, it’s also vastly different, as the area is surrounded by six volcanoes! And if you’re looking for a scenic, beautiful hotel experience try the Antumalal Hotel.


2. Wales


It’s probably not the most exciting on the list, but it is actually one of the happiest vacations you can have, that is if you’re not relying on the weather to make you happy! But you’d never believe the beauty you’d find inside. A beauty you would normally venture halfway around the world to see.


Why is it so happy: Because of its fair systems, freedom to make own choices and the level of equality in the country. Not only this, but it’s a country deeply rich in history and tradition. And believe it or not, but there are some absolutely stunning places to visit.

What to do on your visit: If you’re not hitting the beaches, head down to the Blue Lagoon to take a dip or even a dive into the big cove! Grab a bite to eat on the beach at the Ocean Restaurant, and rest your head at the luxury St.Bride’s Hotel!

3. Ireland


Ireland is a place you just have to visit at least once in your lifetime. You will have an experience you will never forget and will never feel like your most fun self. Ireland has a special power of making you lighter as it lifts your spirits and heals the soul!


Why is it so happy: Not only is it stunning, and not only are the locals amazing but Ireland as a whole is the perfect place to lift your spirits. You’ll be able to experience history at every turn, go on an adventure and even have a sing-song down the pub!

What to do on your visit: Immerse yourself in some Irish folklore and go and visit the Giant’s Causeway, which is the setting for one of the country’s most cherished legends! There are huge stones placed in the water that is said to keep a giant’s feet dry as he crossed to Scotland. So prepare to be amazed! Don’t forget to hit the pub either for the best night you’ll ever have!

4. Australia




Australia is famed for its happy go lucky charm. Despite the fact that a lot of the wildlife can kill you, the locals are laid back and love to have fun. With beautiful beaches and a vibrant metropolis in Sydney, you will definitely have fun.


Why is it so happy: You get to see nature everywhere and the views are very, very rewarding. There’s natural wildlife like parrots that submerse you into nature. And plus the locals are really friendly will make you laugh and make you feel at home.

What to do on your visit: Make sure to go to Byron Bay and sit on the beach and relax to the sound of music. During the day follow the trail from the beach up to Cape Byron Bay Lighthouse, where on your way up you will see gorgeous views of the beach. And if you go the right time of year you can see baby whales as they emigrate through Byron.

5. Norway


Even after looking at five photos of Norway, I’m already itching to go. It’s absolutely stunning and so powerful. You can see why it’s so closely connected with the gods. It’s perfect scenery really does make it one of the happiest vacations in the world.


Why is it so happy: You will witness views unlike any other around the world. It’s truly special to Norway, making it rich in tradition and mythology. Not only that, but it’s obviously famous for its Northern Lights, making it one of the most magical places in the world.

What to do on your visit: Cruise the Geiranger Fjord on the ferry to see some amazing scenery and witness the mountains up close and personal. Or take your chances in seeing The Northern Lights, and to make this the best experience ever stay in the Svinøya Rorbuer for the most romantic night of your life!



Q. Out of all five, which one would you choose?



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