Happy Deed: Do Good, Feel Great, Inspire Others!

CGD loves to inspire and motivate, so when we found out about the app Happy Deed we were hooked.

This wonderful new app tries to make the world a better plays by stimulating people to perform a good deed. Imagine a world where people did something for one another without expecting something in return.


Once you have downloaded the app you will receive an invitation to do a good deed for someone else. The moment you accept this invitation you have 48 hours to do it. This can be anything: use your imagination and be creative! When you’re done, you inspire others by telling what you did to make the world a bit more beautiful. Happy Deed will then select two other persons who will receive an invitation to do a good deed. When these users have done their good deed, you will get a notification and information on what they have done to make a our planet a happier place.

Do you already feel inspired to do something good for someone you do not know? You can download the app Happy Deed here. We are curious about your experiences with this wonderful app!