Question Of The Day: Is It Harder For Women To Become Successful?


Have you ever felt like you weren’t taken seriously when it comes to your success measured against a man’s?

Have you ever felt like you’ve had to prove yourself so much more than the opposite sex? I know, I have!

And getting older has shown me and lead me to believe that it’s harder for women to succeed especially in their careers.

In order to really answer the question, we have to really understand the definition of success.

In a man’s sweet, sweet world success means money, a nice house, and a fabulous career.

But, is success defined the same for women?

Because, I think a woman has to define her own success, justify it then fight for it in a world that frequently questions and doubts her. So, we ask, is it harder for women to become successful?


Women are the homemakers


Traditionally women are the homemakers, whilst men were in charge of bringing home the bread. In the past, it has been considerably hard for women to become successful as they were not permitted to break the gender boundaries placed upon them.

Having children and looking after a family can hold a woman back.

And whilst, we may think that this has changed now, I perceive it as only slightly.

Take a look at the nursing jobs, for example, they are dominated by women, whilst doctors in higher positions are mostly men.

It’s the same with teaching, many women become teachers, but very few are principals.


Do you value your career?


The woman who values her career and has her sights on success does face some difficulties on a daily basis.

In the areas where she is stereotyped to do well – she does.

But, when it comes to trying to rise to success in male-dominated areas, it is without a doubt harder.

Women in man’s world have to work twice as hard just to be recognized.

And when it comes to being awarded a promotion, men are more likely to be promoted over women.

But, is it the same for men in a female dominated area? Do they experience the same thing?


Are we really paid less than men?


I think this should really be taken into consideration when posed with this question.

It is harder for women to become successful because in reality women work just as hard as men, if not harder and are paid less for the same exact job.

And if you measure success on wealth, then just know that there are only 10 women out of 100 on the most wealthy list around the world.

This tells us that even though there are women smashing it in business, we still only make up a small percentage of powerful leaders around the world.


Are you really successful?


Success means different things to different people.

Success means to me rising to the highest point in my career and smashing it.

But, success has no limitations, if you give 100% to something and gain a lot of satisfaction for this, then are you not successful?

For the women who do want to concentrate on family life and are raising children, when those children are grown can mothers not define this as success?

Meaning that success is something you feel inside yourself and not something you attain.


I’d love to know what you think about this! Do you think it’s harder for a woman to be successful? Let’s discuss



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