More Than a Hashtag: The Inspiring Story of #ChimeForChange

If you’re not familiar with Chime For Change, you definitely need to be! This organization seeks to fundraise for and empower women and girls around the world in innovative ways.

This inspirational, change-making campaign is one that knows that unless underlying major problems are addressed, women and girls can’t make progress in the world. Co-founded by Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Salma Hayek Pinault, the 3 main issues they address are education, health, and justice, which are all huge problems in modern day society, and have been for decades. The fight is just beginning, and all of us need to be conscious of the issues and ways we can help.

For many girls, in many countries, the right to an education that we have is a luxury that many girls are not given. Chime For Change knows this and works hard to provide the right of education to every girl, everywhere. For many women and girls, healthcare is something that is desperately needed, but lacking. Chime For Change is using innovative fundraising and awareness-raising methods to try and fix this. So many amazing empowered women have stood up to support Chime For Change that we wanted to get behind it too, and investigate exactly what they do and what we can all do to help out.


Chime For Change has a number of unfunded and funded projects that you can back, similar to Kickstarter campaigns. You put some money towards a cause you want to support and when it’s funded it gets started.


Chime For Change believes that sharing stories of empowered women and women who fight with wisdom and courage the oppressive traditions that seek to hold them back can help to spread awareness and garner more support for upcoming projects.

Chime for education…

If you want to help women and girls all over the world get the education they deserve, you can start a fundraiser or simply put some money into CHIME for education. There are other CHIME fundraisers too, like CHIME for female leaders, started by amazing women like Arianna Huffington, Robbie Myers, and Frieda Pinto.

Overall, every campaign created by Chime For Change serves to protect, empower, and  improve the daily lives of women and girls all around the world. What can you do to help? Donate or volunteer, or even suggest a new campaign or method of fundraising. Let’s all join together to make the world better, one issue, one woman, one girl at a time.

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