How Headphones Can Make You Insanely Productive In The Office


You’re usually either one or the other – someone who does wear headphones while working or someone who doesn’t! Case in point: at Career Girl Daily, it’s a bit of a mix and match.

For those of us wearing headphones (like me!), we might be wondering if and how using them can affect our productivity. For those that don’t, you might be thinking, “Would headphones really boost my productivity or just slow me down?”

Wonder no more! After doing a bit of research, we’ve come up with 5 great reasons we should all be wearing headphones while working:

Get in your zone

Have you ever had your attention wander because a colleague is gossipping a few desks away? Or because someone is having an impromptu chat behind you? Or because there’s construction work next door and the drilling is doing your head in?

Enter headphones! They are the perfect antidote to all that pesky workplace noise and chatter. Block out all the distractions and you can really focus on your work!

Music can motivate you

There’s an overwhelming amount of research out there showing how the right soundtrack can increase your productivity. Instead of trawling through all of that, though, our best advice is work out what motivates you!

Despite the somewhat variable effects of music on the individual, one thing is definitely clear: A noisy workplace can end up halting productivity in its tracks.

In a study published in the journal of Neuroscience of Behavior and Physiology, a person’s ability to recognize images, letters, and numbers was much faster with rock or classical music playing in the background compared to when they weren’t listening to anything.

There’s a perfect sound that will stimulate you to work twice as hard – it just takes some digging to work out what that is for you personally.

The right playlist will boost your mood

If you’re not in the right mood and frame of mind, your productivity can be seriously affected, as can your interactions with people around you. A happy mind is always a more productive one.

So when you’re bluesy on a Monday morning or suffering from that Wednesday midweek slump, you need those headphones with the perfect tunes to boost your mood! Have a happy playlist ready for just those moments.

Get your momentum back

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone coming over to talk when you’re on a roll with a task. It can take ages to get that momentum back.

When you’re wearing headphones, though, it deters people from distracting you. Trying to get your attention is just too much effort unless absolutely necessary, so you’ll filter out the unimportant interruptions!

It’ll discourage others from distracting you

We all have those moments at work where we’re struggling to focus or feeling a bit absent minded. Your headphones are the perfect way to disguise that, though! No matter how distracted you are, you’ll look focused to everyone around you. And hopefully, wearing your headphones, you’ll get your focus back soon enough too!

Do you wear headphones while working? How do they help increase your productivity levels?


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Larissa Scotting

English Literature graduate from King's College London turned freelance writer. Lover of books, tea, Dickens, Otis Redding, and her cockapoo puppy Roly!

  • Charmaine Ng

    I don’t wear headphones because I can’t concentrate when I listen to music, even tunes without lyrics. I get distracted easily though when my coworkers talk. It’s annoying! I think what I need are earplugs!
    – Charmaine

  • Benthe Bemelman

    For me, it really depends. Sometimes I love working with music on – but as Charmaine says indeed without lyrics. The playlist that I’ve been listening to a lot lately is the Sims 1 soundtrack, haha. It brings back the memories and is relaxing at the same time! :)

  • Lauren

    I definitely one for headphones, just my boss talks to me a lot and then there’s the constant phone that always rings.. x

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