The One Thing To Add To Your Coffee If You Want To Be Healthy

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It kick-starts our mornings and looks great on Instagram. Our obsession with coffee is about to get a whole lot deeper since we want to know, what is the healthiest way to brew coffee?  Putting coconut oil in your coffee may sound like a pregnancy craving but it is surprisingly tasty. Better still, it could provide a major boost for your immune system, metabolism, and energy levels. But supposedly the oil also helps to slow down the impact of the caffeine, so no nasty crash! Sounds perfect.

1. Supercharge your energy levels

Coconut oil has been raved about by health bloggers for a long time and with good reason. Its chemical structure is easily absorbed by your body, it’s super versatile for all your food and even beauty needs.

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Paired with coffee, coconut oil can help supercharge your energy levels as the chemical structure of coconut oil is shorter than other fats so it helps you absorb the caffeine in your coffee faster. Adding it to your coffee can help boost your energy levels over a longer period of time too as coconut oil itself is a slow burning fuel that can help power your busy day.

2. Boost your metabolism

With the news on how much sugar goes into our favorite beverages in cafes, we’re always looking for delicious alternatives! Even though it is a fat, coconut oil can help you stay lean as it boosts your metabolism. Coconut oil is easily converted into energy by your body, so it doesn’t hang around as fat in your system. It also helps you feel fuller too, so you’re less likely to snack or reach for the sugar midway through your busy morning.

By just adding one to two teaspoons of the miracle oil into your daily cup of joe, you can increase the speed of your metabolism! With all the little labels on our food, it’s easy to look at the fat content and freak out. But eating healthy fats won’t necessarily make you fat! Certain fats can boost your metabolism and actually burn fat.

3. Kickstart your fat burning state

After a long nights rest, your body has fasted and is in its prime fat burning mode. Which means that your stored fatty acids are released and used for energy instead of food consumed. Having coconut oil in your morning coffee can increase your fat burning hormones. With your body in a state of ketosis (fat burning state), you can start your day full of energy and a faster metabolism! Win win!

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4. An anti-inflammatory morning boost!

Coconut oil is also famed for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as it contains lauric acid. Lauric acid helps to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi!  Adding it to your morning brew is a small step you can take daily to look after your immune system and protect your health.

Although it is not likely to be available any time soon at Starbucks, you can easily make your coffee with coconut oil at home. Simply add a tablespoon to your morning cup and whizz it up in a blender. It froths up and tastes pretty decadent. You may have to remind yourself that yes, this is good for you!


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  • Trudy Stone

    This is simply brilliant! I always recommend coconut oil to my weight loss clients

    • Lisa Collins

      Wonderful Trudy! What else do you use coconut oil in?

      • Trudy Stone

        It’s probably easier to say what I don’t use it for! lol I love adding it to smoothies for an energy boost (especially chocolate smoothies) and bake brownies with it too :)

  • Josie Brownlee

    This is actually so interesting! I didn’t know it boosted your metabolism that much – I always knew it has health benefits for skin and body but never thought about putting it in coffee – definitely worth a try tomorrow morning!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    • Lisa Collins

      How did the coffee go Josie? Are you now loco for the coco?

      • Josie Brownlee

        It was actually really nice! It made it nice and creamy!

  • dreamofadventures

    Just started adding coconut oil to my coffee and I can’t get enough of it! =o)

    • Lisa Collins

      That’s great! Are you feeling any better from doing so? Would you recommend any particular way you like to brew yours?

  • Caitlin

    I never thought to add coconut oil to my coffee! I currently use a coconut milk creamer and am absolutely obsessed! The taste is fantastic and doesn’t have the sugar or heavy consistency of regular creamers. I’m definitely going to be trying coconut oil next!

  • Johanne

    I had no idea this was so popular! And apparently it tastes ok too? I’m definitely gonna try!