5 Super Easy Ways To Make Your Morning Coffee Healthy


You can’t get your brain working without a cup of coffee. I feel ya. Whether it’s running out the door with a paper cup in hand or stirring your favorite mug in the office. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you just need a boost of energy. But is it the healthiest thing for you? It all depends on how you have it.

Looking to try something a little different with your favorite cup of joe? I’ve got your back.

1. Add an oil 

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Coconut oil can work miracles. It tastes amazing, is great for your skin and hair and can actually improve your coffee. Imagine a coconut coffee in the morning. It has tons of benefits, firstly it’s an antiviral and antibacterial oil, it smells and tastes amazing and gives you energy faster than other fats. Why wouldn’t you want a spoonful of coconut oil every so often? If you don’t fancy it, the latest thing is to add a spoonful of black seed oil to coffee. Studies on the antioxidant seed oil have shown it may have some seriously powerful benefits when it comes to activating the immune system!

2. Switch up your milk 

Soy milk. Almond milk. Coconut milk. There are so many alternatives to regular milk that will make all the difference, you’re cutting out certain fats and sugars, making your coffee so much healthier. Cow’s milk contains hormones and lactose, and it also has saturated fats that are always good to avoid (particularly if you drink coffee often!), give it a go, even if you don’t like the milk on its own, when mixed with coffee a different milk will upgrade the flavor!

3. Try artificial sweeteners 

We’ve always been told that artificial sweeteners are bad for you, but new research suggests the opposite. According to health officials, sweeteners do not increase blood sugar levels so are perfect for people trying to cut down their sugar intake. They’ll keep your sugar sweet without raising your blood sugar levels and increasing risk of diabetes – which sounds healthier to us!

4. Add cinnamon 

Swap your milk and sugar for a teaspoon of cinnamon! Cinnamon isn’t just for Christmas you know, it’ll control your blood sugar levels by slowing your digestion – which reduces cravings. So if you’ve been feeling peckish for all sorts of sweet stuff, just add cinnamon and your cravings will disappear. It’s also amazing for the immune system and helps circulation! Win!

5. Collagen 

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If you want great skin, a spoonful of collagen in your morning coffee will seriously help your morning pack-a-punch. You can get collagen in some seriously cool supplements these days, like Fountain’s Collagen Molecule. And it contains a sweetener, so you know it’ll taste good in your coffee. Every day you stir collagen into your coffee is another day you’ll wake up with perfect skin and shiny hair! We love it.



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