5 Food Hacks That Will Make You Healthier


It’s just too damn hard to resist the temptation of our favorite foods. We feel you! We all know life is about balance but when you’ve got a cheeseburger on your plate or a pizza in your lap, you tend to forget that it’s gonna add up. If you’re struggling to handle your cravings like a top model, don’t worry, we all have bad habits.

It’s how you handle your bad habits that will make you healthier! So, here are a few super simple food hacks to try if you want to be healthier!

Try homemade fruit pops

It’s summer! When the weather is hot we all reach for a delicious frozen treat – ice cream! This summer treat isn’t known for being healthy, but in this heat, it’s all we’re craving. The solution? Make your own! Try this super easy fruit pop recipe and your sugary snack will be replaced with a healthy, fruity snack that still indulges your sweet tooth.

Use Veggie replacements

Carbs are every girl’s best friend, and sometimes nothing will make us feel better than a big bowl of pasta. For other days, vegetables can act as a healthy alternative to feed your carb cravings. Give this courgetti bolognese a try and you have a delicious ‘pasta’ meal with hardly any carbs! It’s a great healthy alternative, for some days, no one can be expected to give up pasta forever.

Swap condiments

Sauces are the best part of any meal, but we don’t even realize the sugar and calories that are hiding in them!  Some small swaps such as Greek yogurt instead of mayo and tomato puree instead of ketchup will make your meal much healthier and lower in sugar and fats whilst still spicing up your food with some flavor.

Add protein

Studies show that adding protein to a meal leaves you feeling fuller, plus it’s essential for that all important muscle growth. Replace unwanted fats with protein by using hummus as a dip instead of cheese, adding beans into rice dishes, and using lean meats to fill you up with fewer calories and healthier foods. You can also try using protein powder if you’re a real gym junkie.

It’s all in the drinks…

The ‘health’ drinks we see in stores are often high in sugar and lacking in fiber that our body needs to digest then. For when you’re craving something a little sweeter than water, instead of buying a drink, try making your own smoothies at home with frozen berries, replacing the milk in your coffee to a nut-based alternative or adding fruit to your water to make detox water, not only will these cut back on calories, but it’s great for your skin!

Also, another top tip I learned, if you’re having drinks with the girls – try mixing different spirits with fruit teas. It’s a seriously refreshing drink and cuts a lot of the calories from fizzy mixers!





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  • Antonia

    Getting healthier without needing to give any food always something I like to do. I love Summer as I have so many amazing vegetables growing in my garden. It’s so much fun trying out new and healthy recipes based around them. xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • Jennifer Callahan

    Such good tips!

  • TeaiIn1416

    Beautiful photo!

  • Cindy Elena

    Love Chrissy in this photo!

    xo | Cindy Elena

  • SJ Lawrie

    Some good suggestions here but just wanted to point out that cheese is a better source of protein than hummus, actually.