4 Healthy Morning Rituals To Start Every Day With


Looking for morning rituals to try? We would all like to say that our mornings involve a smooth and seamless routine. However, the reality is that for many of us our mornings involve oversleeping and chaos as we rush around and scramble to get out the door. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had positive morning rituals that would set the tone for the day and start it off right? Well CGD is going to tell you exactly how to transform your morning.

1. Swap coffee for lemons…

A good cup of coffee feels so good in the morning. But, hold that thought a little longer. Starting the day with a tall glass of lemon water is much healthier for our bodies. Lemons are high in minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin C, which aid digestion, speed up metabolism, and helps the body detoxify.

Just make sure you use a straw and rinse your mouth well afterward to protect your enamel.

2. Start by meditating.

The day ahead is going to be full of challenges, deadlines, and even stress. We’ll be able to face all that’s coming our way more easily and gracefully if we’re relaxed and balanced. Meditation helps. Just sit, or lie, in a quiet room and practice breathing in and out. If your mind starts to wander, gently bring the focus back to your breath. See how calming and relaxing it is? Best of all, you don’t need to wake up an hour earlier just to meditate. 10 minutes (or 7 when you’re in a rush), are enough to start the day calm and relaxed. 

3. Do a little exercise every day.

Jumpstart your day and energize your body with a quick workout routine. You don’t need to hit the gym (unless you want). Yoga, dancing, walking, running, and stretching work just as well. Anything that gets your body moving is good. It gives you energy, releases tension, and sharpens the mind, helping you to start the day on the right foot and keep your body healthy (and looking amazing). Just 10 minutes a day are enough (especially if a trip to the gym is on your to-do list for the day).

4. Have a nutritious meal in the morning!

As tempting as it is to skip breakfast and spend 10 more minutes in bed, don’t. How are you supposed to have the energy to work, play, run errands, and do everything you need to do during your hectic day if you deprive your body of the fuel it needs to keep going? Blend a smoothie, add some flaxseeds to your cereals, and eat your favorite fruit. You’ll feel much better, and be able to accomplish so much more!


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