The Pre-Christmas Detox You Should Do Right Now

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A detox right before Christmas? Let’s face it, we are all going to be enjoying ourselves at Christmas. A stream of chocolate biscuits, dinners, and other amazing food-porn is finding it’s way to myself and the entire CGD team – leaving me bloated the day after. This season I actually want to do things differently, so I desperately looked up a way that I can do a simple detox right before and after Christmas. Because why should I wait till next year if I can make small but effective changes right now?

Drink cactus water 

Cactus water is the new coconut water, it hydrates your body fast, it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which revitalize your skin for a healthy glow and fight signs of aging.  It also reduces inflammation and will help you with that puffy morning face and under-eye bags. Last but not least it helps to reduce hangovers symptoms like a dry mouth and nausea. Just what we need after before and after all the Christmas parties.

Cut Back On Processed Foods

In the run up to Christmas, I try to cut back on bread, pasta, and processed foods. Instead, go for protein and vegetables, making sure at least one-quarter of my plate is filled up with rainbow vegetables. I just notice I feel less bloated and more energetic in the morning when I do this. Especially during a busy month like December we need all the energy we can get!

Swap Your Coffee For A Beautiful Juice

I have been drinking Equi London’s Beautiful Supplement every morning for a month now. It’s ideal for busy career girls who want to keep a firm eye on their health. I mix it with orange juice every morning before I go to work. It gives me a boost and I notice my skin is more clear and glowing after using this for a month now.

Change your morning routine. 

After our inspiring interview with the former CFO of BMW, we’re all changing our morning routines. We were impressed by her morning routine. She wakes up every morning at 05.00 and goes to bed at 22.00. Waking up at 05.00 gives you enough times to prepare for the day, exercised and prepare yourself a healthy breakfast.

Start a two-week exercise plan

Whether you try to fit in 10,000 steps a day or are doing a YouTube workout, these next few weeks are really important. Try to do 30 minutes of HIIT every morning. HIIT is known for its powerful after-burn effect and gives you an energy boost in the morning. Leaving you with nice flushed cheeks after. Try do some yoga in the evening. It will help you be more mindful and relaxed over the holidays.

Embrace the dandelion 

If you know you’re going to be drinking a lot over Christmas, you should incorporate dandelion into your diet. There are lots of dandelion supplements, and you can even buy the root from health stores. It’s a liver cleanser, so when added to hot water it can seriously help you prepare for the holidays, especially if you’ve already overdone it at Christmas parties. Another top tip for dealing with the Christmas hangovers is to have hot water and lemon every single morning. This will help you detox your liver a little bit and give you a healthy boost!


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  • Amanda-Cupcake N Dreams

    I needed these reminders today to keep up my health during this crazy month :-)

  • Ariadna Morell

    I should definitley do this, need to prepare for all the food haha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • dreamofadventures

    Love yoga after work, especially will add in some HIIT workouts before the holidays =o)

  • Misc Bliss

    Great tips! I really need to start these before Christmas catches up to me… time to get motivated! :)

    Steph | Misc. Bliss

  • Iris Lillian

    I’m starting this today!! Will document my results on thanks!!

  • Mila S

    I can only WISH to be as passionate and determined to wake up at 5!🙀😿

    Someone needs to teach me! Haha

    x M

  • Inma

    Great ideas! I don’t think I have the energy to get up at 5am, but will definitely incorporate some of the others so that I don’t feel heavy and bloated after Christmas :)


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