What The Heck Is Ghosting? 7 New Dating Rules For 2015!

Career girls have a lot to juggle, from office wear to being friends with our co-workers. Now on top of all that we have to think about dating. Times have changed, and the rules about the dating game have moved on as well. Here are some of the new dating rules every girl should know.

Dating technology

Gone are the days where you sit on your laptop trawling through profile after profile of potential dates. These days, mobile dating apps are the thing to have. With features that allow you to look at profiles and see who is nearby, dating has never been a quicker process – it’s literary as easy as swiping left or right! What this means – be ready all the time. You never know who is around the corner, so you want to look your best to make a killer first impression!

Texting dirty

The fast conversational pace and slight anonymity offered to us by text has made sexting a common dating rule. Men (and women) are bolder and less inhibited  meaning they are more likely to sext. Just take extra care with ‘self portraits’ until you’re super comfortable!

Don’t wait for a date

People are far too busy to be waiting around for a date forever, and with more, faster methods of meeting people, playing coy and waiting to be asked out may be your downfall. If you like someone, let him or her know! The days of playing hard to get are well and truly over.

Keep some mystery

Basically don’t go all the way! 80% of single people agree that sex on the first date is a definite no no. Going all the way on the first date reduces your mystery, which might make your date less inclined to meet up again.

The past is the present

Prepare to be Googled. Your date will dig around for more information about you quicker than you can say ‘I like red wine’. Moral of the story: be careful what you share on the Internet or be prepared to do some explaining!


Exclusivity is no longer a given – there are more people “multi-dating” than ever before. It’s a good idea to check early on whether your relationship will be exclusive or not, just to make you’re on the same dating page.


When you’ve had enough of your date, ‘ghosting’ is the new in thing. While it’s a new term, the concept has been around for a long time. Ghosting, AKA the ‘slow fade’, is when the dater or datee ends the relationship by disappearing without warning, effectively escaping the awkward “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation!

By Samantha Maden