How To Help Your Friends Become Successful


Everyone wants success. When we think of success we generally think of our own lives. But what about those closest to us. Do you ever think of how you could contribute to their success?

Well you should do! Being an amazing friend means you are someone who  will be there in times of need and have genuine concerns for their well being.

It’s worth considering how you could contribute to your friend’s success. It would have a huge benefit to them and certainly cement you friendship. If you’re wondering how to do it, keep reading!

1. Listen
Don’t just assume what their goals and ambitions are. Listen and listen carefully. It is easy to think about what you think is the best for their situation. However it’s their life and their destiny.

2. Keep them completely involved.
It’s their thing. Yes, you’re doing them a favour but ultimately it’s their plan. If you have some ideas speak to them, don’t jump in and take action. While your intentions may be good they may be left feeling hurt. Always ask them before doing anything.

3. Plan, plan, plan!
All career girls know planning is the absolute key to success. If you friend is a little dis-organised treat them to a gorgeous planner and help them get it together. Have a catch up and put your heads together. Come up with a realistic, achievable plan to motivate and inspire.

3. Treat it like it’s your own project
Give the plan your complete care and attention. While of course you will be working away on your own ambitions, still be respectful and commit to helping.

4. Check in regularly
A few messages or a quick coffee will not only be a chance for you to catch up generally but is the perfect opportunity for you to check in and make sure they are staying on track!

5. Keep the momentum going
This is so important. Don’t let the momentum die! Keep her motivation and positive feelings high. She will be spurred on to keep going and success will be right within her grasp.


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