How To Help Your Super Talented Friend Achieve Her Goals


You work hard so that you can create a life that you love – well done you. Of course, you want to take your girl gang with you, so here’s how you can achieve your goals and support the goals of those around you…

Get clear on her goals
Start by getting clear on your friend’s goals. She may be working towards a new career move, dreaming of travel, or hoping to create a healthier lifestyle. By specifying the goal you can begin building a plan, identifying any potential barriers, and putting steps in place.

Remind her of her talents
As her friend you probably find it easier to spot your friend’s strengths and talents. Remind her of them, especially if she’s had a setback or is straying towards giving up. Be the cheerleader she needs and don’t let her give up when you can see how well she can do (even if she can’t always see it for herself).

Celebrate the wins
All the time talking about your dreams, the phone-calls of encouragements, and the occasional motivational quote you tagged her in, all become worth it when the wins come. Be sure to celebrate your friend’s successes and let her know how proud you are – you guys are going to go far and that deserves another glass of prosecco, no?

Keep her in mind
Dependent on the goal in mind, there are times when an opportunity arises that is perfectly suited to your goal chasing girlfriend. Whether you see a job advertised that you know she would be perfect for, or a pair of trainers you know will tempt her to keep up her new running routine; act on an opportunity that can actively help her reach her goals.

Be accountable
As well as the encouragement, the prosecco, and the occasional free PR, as the supportive friend you also need to be the one to keep her on the straight and narrow. By checking in on your friend’s progress you are making her accountable for her goals, making it harder for her to quit. She’s sure to do the same for you.

Written by Hannah Gransden.

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  • Amy Sewell

    Love this article and the sentiment behind it! Living in New York and traveling to do TV segments, I meet a lot of great girls with cool jobs, and am highlighting their stories in a new weekly feature on my StyleWise blog. Follow along at

  • Liz

    I love these tips! I honestly don’t think any of my friends realize I even blog and have goals with it. When I do talk about them, they always wonder how feasible they are. Kind of annoying.

  • Chantel

    Great article.

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    great tips! love this

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    Great tips. This is something I try and live by – helping people explore and pursue their dreams. It is exciting to be part of a creative community and also build one. Thanks.

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    Great post! It’s always important to support your friends =o)