Here’s What We Can Learn From Adele’s Strong Comeback

We are so happy to say Adele is back (do the happy dance)! What could be more exciting than spending a cozy evening listening to Chasing Pavements, or creating a work playlist that includes Rumor Has It and I mean who doesn’t get chills listening to Someone Like You.

Adele’s much-anticipated comeback is a knockout success with Hello (I can’t stop singing it). But there is something different about Adele, something the fans may not expect, but she wants her fans to know, she’s happy! Therefore, she will not be able to fix broken hearts with a song that is brokenhearted. Sorry guys. On this album, 25, you will have to let go of love, embrace happiness and learn to love again.

Recently, I read an article in Rolling Stones about Adele’s “private life and triumphant return”. In delight, I read on as Adele talked about her music, the loves of her life – her son and her beau, and both Adele and I (as if we are close friends…I only wish) wondered if Adele’s fans will keep her in the pity party box of Album 21. Adele said it best, “If I were still writing about him, that’d be terrible,” speaking of the heartbreak that inspired 21 and more importantly gave her the emotion needed to belt out Someone Like You.  However, how many of us hold on to lost love, tribulations and missed opportunities for much longer than we should. For everything, there is a season, and Adele is in a new season. So here’s what we can learn from Adele’s strong comeback!

Breakups are hard to do

But they are inevitable. Yes, you will experience at least one heartbreak within your lifetime. But in the words of Adele, “Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.” So cry until you can’t cry anymore, get angry, vent to a friend, play that song if you must, remember the good times and the bad, then get creative (write a song, a book, make a vision board, or share your love with those in need). Furthermore, take time for yourself, to reconnect and love yourself. Recognize you are worthy of someone better in the right time.

Everything in time

It took Adele 2 years to finish this much anticipating album, 6 months alone just to write Hello. But this time allowed her to regroup and connect with herself in a healthy way. She wasn’t asked to rush, nor did she aim to. But to stay true to her form, she gave herself time. So should you. Adele said, “My career’s not my life. It’s my hobby.” A career isn’t built in a day, and the love of your life may not come tomorrow but in time all things fall together.

The unexpected isn’t always a bad thing

While making plans for your life, stuff happens – sometimes good and other times not so much. For the latter I would suggest aiming for the glass half full model, because it just simply keeps your stress level at a minimum. Besides, unexpected changes and challenges come to help us grow and evolve. According to Adele, she would have lost herself to fame after all the success from the 21 album but the discovery of her unexpected gift to come, her son, changed it all for her and made her reassess life and the future that was meant to be.

So if you have been under a rock for the last few weeks and haven’t heard her new smash hit, have a listen and sway to that bewitching voice we know and love. Welcome back, Adele.

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Featured Photo: Adele (Photo: XL Recordings)

  • Camille Beygui

    This woman is so amazing

  • Hannah Lucy

    I literally cannot stop listening to this song!

    Hannah | Oh January

    • Lois

      Me too!! She is so amazing!

  • Helen

    Great read, I love Adele and her new song. It was interesting to hear your Adele inspired words and advice. I must have a look at the Rolling Stones article too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    • Sharon Nicole Hughes

      Yes, she is pretty awesome as a singer and person. Can’t wait for the album release!

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