Here’s What Happened When I Gave Up Shopping For A Week




Hands up if you love shopping? Hands up if the majority of your hard earned money gets spent on yet another online shopping basket bursting with sale items that you absolutely need in your life just because you want them? If you have both hands in the air like me, then you too are probably deemed a shopaholic, we do exist and we are not to be laughed at, it’s a real problem, my bank balance should know.

In a desperate attempt to stop the unnecessary spending I set myself a challenge, to not buy anything for a whole week, that’s 7 incredibly long days. My first thought was what on earth was I going to do on my day off, my second being ‘Eurgh but I have nothing to wear!’. This also included online shopping, so no ASOS parcel or Topshop carrier bag were to come through my front door for a week. A simple task for some, an impossible one for me.

So why would I set myself this torturous task you may be wondering, what kind of spell had I been put under? The truth is I just needed to start saving and stop spending on items that I genuinely don’t need, as much as I love a splurge I also hate the guilt that follows when I can’t afford to put petrol in my car for the week, whoops.

For me shopping is not just about my love of spending money, it stems from my insecurities. As silly as it may sound my need to constantly buy a new outfit is my somewhat stupid attempt at feeling good about myself, new things make me feel good. It is a known disorder to be addicted to shopping, it’s not as laughable as it may sound, often we just turn to shopping to make ourselves feel happier, which is all well and good until we realise how much money we just spent.

The week was a tricky one mostly because it was also the week I started my new job in London, a city absolutely overflowing with Topshops, Primarks and New Looks on every high street. Also taking the tube to Oxford Circus every day and not being able to go wild with my contactless card was rather painful, but rest assured, I made up for my lack of spending on clothes by living off Starbucks Frappucinos for the week. I kept busy, I didn’t browse ASOS of an evening and I didn’t stare longingly at the mannequins in shop windows, at least not much.

So what did I learn? Well, I guess I learned that I actually rather enjoy knowing that I am a little more financially secure and although I don’t have a brand new pair of trainers to show off in the office, I can still always wear my trusty old ones.


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