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With an exciting event coming up. I wanted to be in the best shape ever. Goal: fit in that perfect dress! Knowing I had only 2 weeks left. This was a serious task.  I was eating super unhealthily, which made me super bloated, and when I saw my jeans didn’t fit me anymore I knew it was time for a change.

What I did that morning really opened my eyes.

I looked in the bathroom mirror and told myself; ‘You’re in control of your own life. You’re in control of what you put in your body’. For me, this was an eye-opener.

This was the first step….

When we go on a ‘diet’ or try to change our lifestyles, we tend to focus on the things we’re not allowed to eat, and somehow we just play the ‘victim’. ‘Oh, I love to eat that hamburger, but no I can’t I am on a diet. See, that’s why I don’t like the word diet in the first place.

Ok now,  let’s get down to business


I started cold turkey and created my own menu for the coming 2 weeks. I wanted it to be super simple. I have some healthy cooking books in my kitchen, but who has time for that anyway? I am a busy girl and need things fast! It should be a no-brainer. I actually was inspired by Anna Wintour with this meal plan. Everyone knows she always has steak for lunch. period. Always the same, and I think that’s key. Make it as simple for yourself as possible.


Coffee(can’t take that away from me)
Greek Yoghurt with Granola or Fruit

A huge healthy salad (Caesar, Tuna or whatever I am up for)
Fruit salad

Vegetables(grilled, steam etc.)
Salmon or Chicken


Since I am not in the office. I can get a bit more creative and have some eggs for dinner with spelt toast or go out for dinner.

I drink loads of water and green tea during the day. Sometimes a healthy juice but that’s it.  Simple and healthy.

Do you notice something? See, this menu is super simple. Which made a huge difference for me. I already knew what I was going to eat that day and it was a no-brainer to prepare. For a busy girl like me, that’s key. I love a great cookbook but I seriously have no time to find the ingredients to prepare an organic meal for myself. I am just not that type of a girl.

After a week I noticed my skin was glowing and I was feeling just fine. I wasn’t starving myself but on a healthy journey and skipping all the things my body doesn’t need. Trust me you don’t need that bag of crisps or sugary can of coke. There’s nothing good in it anyway.

I eat 3 meals per day and I am doing just fine and that dress fits me perfectly! I didn’t exercise these 2 weeks. As I love to take things step by step.

Next week I will start exercising again. Just because I love it. Let me know in the comments if you guys would like to read more on this.


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  • Yankified

    I love this post.

    I think you’ve done the perfect thing, getting your eating down and your body used to the changes in fuel it will be running on before you start exercising *enter loud applause*


  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks for sharing ! I will probably do the same thing

  • Kandace Pound

    Great post! Nice, easy read with good information. Thank you for the idea & inspiration! I would love to hear more about adding your exercise routine in the mix. Especially as a busy woman!

  • Bree West

    Thanks for sharing this! I just started a similar meal plan and I agree, the simplicity makes it so easy to stick to it!!

    xo Bree

  • Laura Michelle

    Definitely, i want to read more!! Inspirational post.

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