Here’s How To Wear High Heels Without Killing Your Feet

If you’re like me, you probably choose comfort over fashion. I love to wear heels but the pain is unbearable sometimes so more than often I go for comfort and for flats or sneakers. I do however love the elegance and femininity of pretty heels.

Dune has amazing ankle boots in their collection (and 20% off their entire collection at the moment!). I recently fell in love with these Burgundy ankle boots. They are quite high but because of the thickness of the heel really comfortable to walk in. So perfect for when I have a meeting with a clients or a press event and need to go from meeting to meeting in London.  I love to wear neutral colours like black, grey, camel and brown and I think adding a bit of colour with these boots really does the trick and gives your outfit something extra.

Another amazing tip. I’ve recently discovered Public Desire an amazing online shop with so many affordable shoes. Definitely worth checking out. (thank me later)

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Product Photos 27-11-12

Photography CGD



  • Dara

    I love heels…the burgundy from Dune are gorgeous. A platform on the front really adds to the comfort levels of a high heel.

    • Thanks Dara! Yes they are so comfortable and pretty <3

  • Camille Beygui

    These shoes are really nice


  • Poshnessary

    Love these two brands as well <3


  • Grace

    Dune always has so many beautiful options!

    A Millennial Student

  • Arianna

    Highly needed! Thanks!

  • Elmer T. Jones

    My dear wife was a career women and ran a shoe factory before we married. Her family still runs it and employees 30 people making women’s shoes.

    I have tried without success to convince her we could make a lot of money selling custom high-heels for men through the internet. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find men’s size 13 high heels to match various outfits?

  • Sabrina Martin

    Love me some chunky heel ankle boots!

  • Cat G

    I expected this article to touch upon orthopedic extras you can add to your high heels to try to make them more comfortable- such as Dr Scholl’s high heel inserts, which are lifesavers. Also, heels with a bit of a platform are easier on your feet than the normal pump, as your foot is at a lesser angle.

  • Erin

    Love those heels!

  • ombia

    I agree with Cat ! :-) other then ad, what is this post actually about?