Hey It’s OK: 16 Weird Things We All Do To Relax After Work

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Ladies, we all know the drill. You get in from work and the sofa calls. You could go to gym or prep your quinoa veggie salad . . . or let’s be real, here’s the most likely scenario:

1. Bra off. Like, immediately.

Seriously, every girl knows the benefits of ripping off her bra after a hard day of work. You cannot get comfortable in your baggiest t-shirt with the underwire of your bra digging into you.

2. Put on your pajamas.

Or, even better, the animal onesie you own. Your roommates think it’s quirky, and you’re super comfortable. It’s a win-win.

3. Open your cupboard. Look in your fridge. Feel uninspired.

You want to eat healthily but all you have is soggy lettuce and a yogurt, maybe you’ll order…but you shouldn’t.

4. Sit down, pull out your phone, check Instagram. 

Waste ten years on Instagram stalking people and liking your friends selfies. Realize you’re addicted to your phone and you need to put it away, get sucked into Twitter, instead. Yep, you’re addicted to your phone – read why you might need to put it down sometimes.

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5. Go back to your food with lowered expectations.

Consider eating a vegetable. Laugh it off and heat up something simple. Pasta with pesto is pretty healthy, right?

7. Spend the next half-hour looking through Netflix

There’s a lot of stuff on Netflix. You could start a new show, right? What’s in your recommendations? Oh. Murder dramas. Not exactly feel-good shows. Give up and put on an episode of Friends because Friends is always a classic. Check out our recommendations if you need some Netflix inspo!

8. Sort through your email.

You click onto your inbox with the intention of sorting through those 6,000 unread emails and end up clicking on all those newsletters and checking out your shopping discounts. Visiting a 20% off sale is just the same as blitzing your inbox right? You deserve a treat.

11. Hop into a bath.

Light a scented candle and put in a bath bomb. Try to take a picture of how nice the bath is. Obsess over whether putting bare legs in the pic is too risque…decide not to take it.

12. Try to meditate.

Give up when you realize you can’t stop your stream of consciousness. What the hell did Becky mean at work today when she said that your insights on the report were “Interesting?!” Read our beginners guide to meditation if you really want to get in the zone.

13. Search Pinterest for travel photos.

Consider quitting your job and moving to India. You could do the whole “Eat, Pray, Love” thing. I mean, you could do the eating bit. Here are some money talks you need to have if you’re a travel junkie.

14. Click through Buzzfeed.

Feel old when you encounter slang you don’t recognize. Realize their social commentary is fascinating. You know, avocado really is the bacon of 2016….

15. Look at the clock.

Tell yourself that you’ll go to bed at 9pm. That’s 30 minutes. You can do everything you need to do in 20 minutes, no problem.

16. Look back up at the clock.

Realize that it’s 11pm. Set your alarm. Go to bed.

Photography by: Johnny Fonseca, Location: Dorsett London

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  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Ha! the fridge one! I actually head straight to bloglovin and check out blogs too! x

  • Vemiska

    Hahahah…pretty much a perfect description ;)
    Especially the bra thing ;) haha – no man will ever understand ;)
    and the last two points…all the time ^^

  • Hannah Lucy

    Oh my god. THE ACCURACY

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Wendy

    For me, it’s video games after my workout. :D

  • Vívia Alencar

    This was amazing! haha

  • Emilybelleblogs

    I legitimately relate 100% to this. Although a vital missing piece of the puzzle is taking advantage of the house and belting out a power ballad (usually Listen by Beyoncé) 😂😂

  • Joyce

    Totally got that TV and instagram browsing DOWN! It’s so important to destress and decompress after a long day at work!

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  • Kristianna Brown

    yep… this is pretty much a summary of my everyday life.lol Love this!


  • dreamofadventures

    #1 and #2 i do every time I come home, and take my make up off. great list, made me smile =o)


  • Kirsten Plint

    It’s like you wrote about my daily life – haha… except I like to enjoy about 2 litres of coffee whilst doing all these activities.

    Kirsten | http://www.ninetyone17.co.za

  • RobynLouiiise

    1 and 2 every single day. It’s the best part of the day! Does anyone wear real clothes at home!

    Robyn | http://www.robynlouiiise.com

  • Hannah Dnwdde

    Hahaha giggled all the way through this!

    • Marie @ Business of Blooming

      Me too :)

  • Alexis

    #1 and #2 right away every day. #11 for me shower first then scented candle. Next is Buzzfeed, definitely. This post makes me smile. So true :)
    Check out my YouTube channel.

  • Marie @ Business of Blooming

    #1 all the way.

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