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The holidays are coming, and we’ve got lots of gifts to give you! This week we’re giving away one of our favorite advent calendars from The Body Shop! The lucky winner won’t have to worry about buying their advent calendar this year, they’ll have 24 super cool doors to open when December 1st rolls around!





This giveaway is open worldwide!

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If you’re not a lucky winner this time, you can always buy The Body Shop advent calendar here!


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Managing Editor

Beth is the Managing Editor of CGD. She is a graduate of the Penguin Writer's Academy, has published a short story and loves to read creative writing manuals in her spare time.

  • Yenny Tsai

    I’d like to read more about self-love 🙌

  • Alyssa Poblete

    I’d like to see more articles about productivity tools and habits. Thanks so much!

  • Tracey Ryder

    more health advice

  • Marta García

    More articles on eco products and mindfulness. Thank you!

  • Jenifer- Kitsch n Sync

    I love the general lifestyle articles, loved the 6 things we’ll miss about Michelle Obama post – so true! (Kitsch_Sync on IG!) :) xx

  • Cecilia Cooper

    More on self-care, please!

  • Mirjana

    I love lifestyle, self help and positive psychology articles :)

  • Naomi

    I would like to read more on productivity and just more of everything you’re already doing!

  • Annamarie

    Always love productivity posts, but maybe some DIY projects for the household or office!

  • jamie-lee norris

    I would like to read more on general lifestyle and self help.

  • Ronja

    I would love to read some DIY for the home. Like easy ways the reuse things in a cute and different way :)

  • Zoe Mountford

    This looks amazing, productivity and organising posts x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • Camille Cazaubieilh

    I love productivity and lifestyle posts!

  • Charmaine Ng

    I love career posts. Oh, and a splash of news because you guys always keep me updated.
    – Charmaine

  • valbuk

    business travel tips

  • Emma Livesey

    More fashion please!

  • Helen Bradd Thurston

    self-help, life hacks and efficiency/motivational posts

  • Nina Alexopoulou

    I love the lifestyle and productivity posts, they help me stay fresh and on top of my game! Great are also love the app reviews !

  • carolinedavison

    I would love tips on saving money, recycling out things for new and gift buying

  • Emily

    More favorite apps articles! I would also love more articles about favorite beauty products!

  • Laura S

    Self help and how you deal with stress etc

  • Niki Clifton

    I would like to read an article on useful tips & tricks on how to organise & prioritise better.

  • Emily B

    I’d love tips for recent grads trying to start their career! I’m struggling haha

    x Emily ||

  • Sara

    I would like more tips on time management.

  • purpleshoes1

    organisation tips and tricks

  • Christine

    I would love to have tips on how to be a full time working parent and a newbie mom. We live miles away from our families and its just me and my husband (both on full time jobs) caring for our 9 month old baby. I would love to read something on how to manage with being a mom, a wife, and a career girl at the same time. Im not winning at the moment. Many thanks!

  • Eno Antai

    I would love to see posts on de-stressing yourself after a stressful day and also being a black woman in the workplace! Thanks

  • Alexia P. Bullard

    I would be interested in reading some tips on handling business with a speech impediment, or other sort of disability. As a business owner, that is definitely a prominent issue in my life. I manage to avoid needing to orally converse with people 99% of the time, instead favoring email, but sometimes it’s necessary.


    Alexia P. Bullard

  • Kimberley

    How you manage stress and what you do to relax

  • bsugirl

    With the holiday season arriving shortly, I would love to see tips on not getting overwhelmed this holiday season!

  • Rebekah

    Tips on time management, how to write a good cover letter, how to make your resume the best, tips for destressing after a tough day.

  • Nkirote Mutisya

    I would love to see more posts on how to ace this blogging world. Soon launching a style blog and your site really has some good tips from time to time. Would like to see more posts on that. Otherwise, Happy Holidays in advance :)

  • Jaime T

    A Career girl daily podcast series!

    Or more in depth interviews with successful women from different industries talking about the journey they took to reach their current position.

  • Maisie Butler

    I’d love to read about being able to accomplish everything I want to do in a day and keeping the motivation up to do it! Also the best ways to keep in shape when you don’t have access to a gym, limited space and don’t like running. Thanks!

    • G3mma

      Try blogilates PIIT28 programme I love it

  • Meg Shepard

    I would love to read about the latest nutrition and supplements information.

  • Sarah Wilson

    Ways to deal with anxiety :)

  • Ayesha Pathan

    How to design a bedroom with bits for maximum productivity

  • Nicole Kester

    I recently graduated from college and started my first job, so I love reading about your career advice. I’d love more articles about how to succeed in your first job, and more workplace outfit inspirations!

  • abbyxm17

    I’d love to read about setting + keeping goals and keeping my life free of time-wasters! Love this site so much!

  • Karen F

    I love to hear the latest beauty news and healthy lifestyle choices and of course Fashion!

  • anne kendall

    I love reading about all of the self care articles you have on Career Girl! Also, natural beauty tips are pretty fun :)

  • Hippie Fish Beach Art

    Would love to see more about:
    What Nutrition and tips are recommended for maximum health and energy?
    What routine is best for a long and happy life?
    Should we all take vitamins?
    There’s too much info out there making these topics confusing, yet extremely important.

  • Demi S.

    I love reading your career advice, I always do it first thing in the morning. I would love to read more tips on landing a great internship and also what you should look for in an internship that can support your future career.

  • Britta (brittamarina)

    I’d love an article about how to keep the winter blues at bay, especially when the holiday fun is over and it is still going to be cold and wet till aproximately April;)

  • Natalia Afanaseva

    I’d like to read some posts about taking on the leadership role on early stages of the career journey (tips on managing your first small team), surviving in teams where you work with the colleagues of the same age as your parents are and who worked in the company for the number of years you have in your passport, switching to fashion industry from the areas that have nothing to do with it (e.g. energy). Would be great to hear your opinion on those topics. Thank you for all your great work and inspiration you give to career girls :)

  • Bryn

    CGD is mt fave for career and fashion inspo. Some things I’d like to see… (1) Why you should pick your job based on your boss, (2) How to distress your own jeans and create a chic look, and (3) Why a work-life balance is so crucial to lifelong happiness.

  • Danielle Blackstar Rawlings

    How to add that extra touch in your home, i need to add a little bit more to my house but im unsure how

  • Alex. D. Neagoe

    I love your articles on career and lifestyle. I’m constantly trying to improve myself and your site really helps me! LOVE IT!

  • Happi Yu

    What I love about Career Girl Daily is that you keep me inspired and motivated to chase my dreams

  • Yovita Adj

    I’d love to read about life-work-hacks on Career Girl Daily :D

  • Paulina Rios

    I would Love to read fashion, lifestyle and Maybe tips for those who just finish the university and look for our first job! 😍😊

  • Madeleine

    Actually I can’t say a special thing! I just love to read everything on here. It’s so comfortable, I take a sip from my tea and sit in my bed and read it all every day!

  • Laura

    I would love to know more about supplements.

  • Cecil Vedemil

    I would never in the world miss such giveaway!! I would love to read posts about time managing, advice for college students who want to start getting into the business world and productivity posts :)

    xx Cecil //

  • Raylene Debattista

    Having grown up with two uber successful brothers, I’d love to read about becoming more comfortable with doing things your own way without feeling/succumbing to the pressure to do things the way it worked for them/others we’re taught to look up to.

  • Olivia Ruckstuhl

    I would love to read about how to find your perfect job!

  • Ozel

    I would love to see an article on the Career Girl Daily Academy rounding up the top pieces of advice from the guest speakers! A Facebook live on one of the talks would also go down a treat for those of us who can’t make the event!

  • Amanda

    Because you write about EVERYTHING a girl wants to read, not too much or little. Fashion, work, beauty, selfcare etc. I am inlove with every post and the tips you tell always works! So happy I found this blog. Thank you, from Finland.

  • amariebythesea

    I love every time you give book or podcast recommendations.

  • Shell Whitlock

    I’d love to read more about vintage hair and make up in everyday use 💋

  • Kirsty Caffrey

    Surviving the Christmas Party Season but continually looking my best!

  • Desiree Law

    Now that I’m officially done as a student for life, the articles about work lifestyle, habits, and anything related are such awesome relatable reads! Workplace ootd’s and tips on saving and managing finances would be cool!

  • Bridgette.Friedman

    The motivational posts and also professional fashion. Keep it coming……

  • Bergeret

    I’d love an article on how to deal with bad energy at the workplace, either directed towards you/others or even more importantly: coming from you, directed to others. (btw I am using a pseudonym…for obvious reasons!) Thank you!

  • Lynne OConnor

    When things go wrong and how to deal with it, and what not to do

  • Adriana

    Your articles vary from decoration, to productivity, to fashion and there are always great!

  • ftovey7

    How to make the most of what space you have

  • Elishia

    I adore these beauty calendars, they’re such a perfect way to treat yourself during the festive period without getting present envy as you buy for everyone else!

  • Farhana

    Book reviews – I love reading them so would love to see more

  • Kayti Clayton

    I would love to see more articles from entrepreneurs or self employed individuals

  • silviabia

    More beauty posts please!!

  • Sigute

    Oooooh I need this in my life <3 Have been extra obsessed with The Body Shop lately

  • Jen C.

    Besides from all the articles I read about travel and taking care of yourself here in Career Girl Daily, I’d love to read more about how to be a leader in an organixation and how to loead it properly and effectively and how to promote a hobby.

  • Stephanie Tan

    I always love your career advice, it’s makes me motivate to work every time i read it. Overall, all your blog post is really fun to read and inspiring.

  • Lindsey Nicole

    I’d love to read an article about how to overcome bad feelings and/or vibes about coworkers. I feel like at some point we all struggle with this.

  • Shelley Jessup

    I love anything beauty related especially hacks that I read on here time to time. TBH I like everything I read on here! I’m @sjess82 following on Instagram Thank You

  • Lynn

    I love how Career Girl Daily reads make me want to be a better person, reading about how I can improve myself, mentally and psychologically. It makes me feel motivated to improve and want to become a more positive person. Graduated sometime back, but I have been really lost in life, so when I read on CGD about the different experiences others had, it strives me to carry on searching for the dream job that I would be passionate about, something that I would be happy to do everyday. Reading on CGD is like a motivational bread I would need everyday. My instagram account is @jolenengg :)

  • adrienne49plus

    Taking your career to the next level for women 40+ and the life of a freelancer/entrepreneur would be pertinent topics for me. Thanks!

  • Raphaëlle Yokota

    I’d love to see more about time management and productivity !

  • Giorgia Melis

    I would like to read about how to make a CV and a cover letter in UK, because I’m italian and i will relocate in London on april to find a job after my graduation.

  • Anna

    I like fashion posts.

  • G3mma

    I would love to read about people moving and growing their careers in another country. I am thinking of moving to Dubai next year and would be interested in other Career Girls experiences.

  • Agnessa

    I would like to read more about work in fashion industry and all about this stuff

  • Bojana

    You are great and there are so many interesting articles. If I need to chose and add some subject then I would like to read more about nutrition. Good luck to everyone! <3

  • Clementine

    I love reading CGD articles, especially those that link fashion to career advice. What I would like to read about is a list of key pieces (e.g. a nice watch, leather bag etc) every 20-30 something girl should own, and affordable substitutes for high-end pieces. I also loved the “apps we can’t live without” article and I think you should include more of that ‘micro-trottoir’- as we say here in France- kind of article.
    Anyways, keep up the good work! CGD is a pleasure to read.
    Kisses from France,

  • Andreea Marcu

    I’d love to read about how to grow in your current job // work-life balance // fashion

  • Victoria Pease

    I would love to read more tips for those who have established a career, such as ways to climb the ladder, case studies of business women (specifically journalists) in their mid-twenties and advice on getting where you want to go! Great competition!


    I’d like to read about career dressing! instagram: angiehoggett

  • Fashion Party blog

    I’d like to read about celebrities or professionals in their field giving advice. I’m especially interesting in everything about blogging, for example how to get in the contact with advertisers and brands, how much to charge for collaboration, etc.

  • Karen Mendoza

    I’d love to read about women in tech and how they discovered their passion.. also, about staying motivated in every type of project. Thanks 😊

  • Nataliejane

    I would like to read about mums making a career for themselves and how to juggle everything.

  • Anna Serrano

    I love alle the articles about career advice. I’d love to read more about how to start your career after graduating college and how to grow inside a company (especially in a marketing and communication department). I’d also like to read an article about key pieces for a business casual and a business smart wardrobe voor girls in theis 20’s or 30’s

  • Rebecca England

    I’m always interested in articles about ways to improve work life balance.

  • Ali Thorpe

    I like to read about guidance on how to change career, tips, guidance and inspirational stories on this subject.

  • Selina Black

    I would love to read interviews with people who were complete newcomers
    to the fashion industry, and who made a name for themselves nonetheless.

  • Mariah Daniel

    I’d like to read: generally, how to get ahead in your industry… how to be better than the rest.

  • Pia

    I discovered Career Girl Daily and I found it relevant to the times; I’d love to read the progress stories (not particularly successful ones) of career women based on their 2016 new year resolutions. 1.) what was their career centered resolution? 2.) How did they do it? How did they manage themselves? 3.) the pit falls and the results. 4.) How do they see themselves now the year is ending?

  • Keri Ann

    I love Careergirl daily because it is a mix of everything I love. It covers fashion, career advice, general life tips, ect. It is a one stop shop for classy young professional ladies.

  • Daisy Leason

    I’m only a teenager and, although I love the content currently produced I would love to see some posts about how to cope with balancing school and life and just general articles targeted to a younger generation

  • Tahlia Ewing

    I would love to find some more articles about relocating to a new town (either for my new job or for an s/o’s new job).

  • Lisa Rowsell

    I’d love to read about balancing work, and further education.

  • Ellie Wood

    How to weigh everything up, not being a hermit but then learning to say no to going out

  • Nida

    Career tips are always good, but I also would like to read about spending our free time efficiently (for example, planning weekly menu, workout after/during the work day…)

  • janetmouse

    Would love to read more about having the courage to change a “stable” job for a “passion” job. Thank you.

  • nikolineborup

    I would love some tips for leaving home, like not living with your parents anymore, as I will soon be doing that, haha!

  • bella smyth

    I’d love more articles about how to succeed in your job

  • whitershade

    These pages are such a daily inspiration for me! I find incredibly relaxing to come here, have a cup of coffee and reading!

  • Rosie Bogumil

    I would love tips on the therapeutic beauty ideas for soothing anxiety, or helping to cope with mental health in general

  • Heather Reading

    I’d love to read about best beauty bargains xx

  • lucy nguyen

    Hi! I would love more stories/advice on how to research and choose uni course! I’m leaving high school soon and need all the help i can get. Thank you xx

  • christina07

    I absolutely love your lifestyle post, as well as your beauty related content. I’d love to read posts like how to overcome stage fright, organization tips, shopping deals :)

  • Jenny Klin

    I love reading the lifestyle articles

  • Amel Afzal

    I love your content in general but would be awesome to see more of city specific content! Trends/Music/Events etc.

  • Mrs Broomfield

    I really enjoy the beauty content so more of that!

  • TrippyCusp93

    I’d love to read more empowering posts about women in the workforce…about being able to achieve every day goals and finding our place in the careers that we want. More on how to find what we want in our career and how to go after it!

  • Jessica M

    I’d love to read more about how to motivate yourself to be productive and make the most of a day!

  • Sarah

    I would love to read something about solo female travelling :)

  • Tochi Okehi

    Hi all, I enjoy reading Career girl daily, your articles give insights into daily living and career boastboasting activities. I have recently moved back to Nigeria and it’s been a bit stressful. I would like t read more articles on daily motivational boat activities, things that small startup bosses do to reduce stress and generally how to combat stress from a huge workload.Hi guys

  • Moa Ternström – 9B

    I’d like some how to/ tips about staying focused at work while stil being able to take part of the christmas spirit.

  • Luci Rose Cockayne

    I love your interviews with various different women in different industries or roles across the board. Its great to hear the routes they’ve taken to get where they are! :)

  • Raè

    I’d like to read more TED talks and ways of positively dealing with money posts

  • sharon mead

    I’d love to read more about real life women and their career paths

  • sonya ritchie

    I’d love more fitness and health articles including stylish and affordable gym outfits xxx

  • israrbaig

    How best to build relationships with higher members of staff

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