5 Books You Need To Read This Summer

Ah, summer is on its way. Over here at CGD HQ we’re looking out of our windows and wishing it would heat up just a little bit because boy, do we have plans. Barbecues, garden parties, laying on the grass, vacations. Summer is the best season by far, your mood is mellow, everything smells amazing, the sun gives you a much-needed dose of vitamin D.

I’m daydreaming about it already, there’s seriously nothing better than curling up with a brilliant book on those beautiful summer days. Don’t worry, we’ve got your summer reading list sorted.


1. A book to lose yourself in

The Ultimate Blog Plan available here.


This book is the perfect companion to laying on the grass, having picnics, and going vacation if you want to make your dreams of being successful online true. Picture yourself, reading by the pool about all the strategies you can put in place to create your own full-time job and work wherever you are in the world. And you’ll never get bored of this book because it’s full of workbook activities to keep you entertained while you’re on the beach, or in the bar, or on the plane! Buy it here.


2. A book you will fall in love with

Miss You available here.

What if you’d missed your connection? Gus and Tess are probably meant to be together, their lives collide for sixteen years and yet, they miss each other at all the most important times. If you like romance novels, you’re going to love this, it’s all about missed connections. Their lives take very different paths, but will they ever meet? Buy it here.

3. A book with a twist 

Before I Go To Sleep available here. 

I loved, loved, loved this book! I’m going to watch the film tonight, too. You race through it, wondering why Christine can’t get her memories back, and why her husband seems to work against her, and who the mysterious doctor is. There are secrets, twists, revelations, shocks, and a few times you think you’ve guessed it – only for the author to put you off the scent again and present you with another theory. What happened to Christine and why did she lose her memory? Read this and find out! Buy it here.

4. A book that’s trending 

Into The Water available here.

Paula Hawkins phenomenal Girl On The Train was all everyone could talk about for a while, and now her next book Into The Water is on the tip of everyone’s tongues once again! Women are turning up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town, left behind is a fifteen-year-old girl who’s returning to the place she swore she’d never go. Read it, love it, talk about it. Buy it here.

5. A serious page-turner 

The Sunlight Night available here.

This heartwarming, funny, and lifting book will keep you going for a while. Frances and Yasha find solace in each other in Norway. Frances fled Manhattan for an isolated artist colony, while Yasha arrives from Brooklyn to fulfill his father’s last wish to be buried at the top of the world. Both of them are lonely. but neither of them are alone. You’ll fall in love with this book. Buy it here.

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  • Ashley Laughlin

    I’m always looking for new books to read! These look fun.


  • dreamofadventures

    Miss you sounds like a book I would love =o)


  • Kaitlyn Wretham

    I just posted my current fave books on my blog. So this is perfect! I am totally bookmarking this page and getting into some of these this summer! Especially the blog plan!!


  • izza glino

    Also posted a May 2017 reading list on my blog. Into The Water by Paula Hawkins intrigues me the most. Thank you for sharing this awesome to read list! Love it!

    Izza | Manila, Philippines

  • Life.stylespiration

    Will definitely be checking some of these out.

  • Misa

    As a book lover, these will be on my to read list!

  • Francesca Paranzino

    Guys you really need to start recommending books by authors that aren’t Western/White. I’ve looked at all your reading lists and I don’t think you’re doing Career Girls from other countries favors by excluding their knowledge. Iranian authors are incredible, Latin America has gorgeous fiction, and Japanese authors are super insightful and direct in writing. Let’s expand our reading lists for real.

    • TheFeministCat

      I couldn’t agree more. Not to mention that they keep recycling stuff everybody is speaking about on other White Western girl blogs.