5 Shocking Reasons Your Computer Is So Damn Slow

photo: Erika Brechtel


Turn it on, hit the keys, turn it off again. There is nothing in this world more frustrating than a slow computer. Yet, we’ve all experienced it at some time or another. Ugh. How many times have you fantasized about throwing it out the window? No need to, you might be able to revamp your computer. Imagine that makeover scene from Princess Diaries, only better. We’re gonna give your computer some fresh life!

1. It’s not organized

Like you, your computer can get overwhelmed when there’s too much multi-tasking going on. Background apps, a thousand open tabs, and programs that open up automatically after logging in can eat up memory and RAM, bogging down your system’s performance. Work up some patience, sit down at your desk, and start reorganizing what doesn’t need to be running. And, remember… when plugging away, close out the programs that you’re no longer using.

2. You haven’t cleaned it

Just like your bedroom before a big event, your computer gets strewn with things you aren’t ever going to use again. I know you’ve already rebooted your computer (right?). If you’re Mac or PC is still creeping along, then it could be time to kiss some files goodbye. Deleting old files like ancient CV’s, photos you’ve already backed up, and games you’ve outgrown can help increase your computer’s functionality and speed. If you don’t want to manually delete each and every file, tools like Magician for MAC and CCleaner for PC can help make the process way easier.

3. It’s hotter than the fourth of July!

Another culprit for slow computer speeds? An overheated laptop. I know, I know. You love when your laptop is perched on your lap while in bed, but if you’re going to do that, make sure to do it right. Invest in a cooling pad or a stand which will help avoid your system from overheating. If you’re feeling really techy, you can also install fan software. And, don’t forget to clean your laptop’s air vents from dirt and dust which can cause even the best of computers to overheat.

4. You’ve got viruses

Urgh, just the thought of spyware gives me the creeps. If you’re a Windows 8 or 10 user or a Mac OS X user, your computer already has an anti-virus installed. If not, make sure you buy yourself a good one and scan for viruses or spyware often (about once a week). Sidebar: make sure your browser is always kept up to date because often in newer updates, it can automatically detect a malicious website.

5. You need to update it

There’s a good reason your computer is reminding you to update your software. It’s because it wants to run better for you so you can be more productive. I know it’s annoying and it’s easier to click the “close” button on what feels like a useless update, but trust me. You want to always make sure your software is up to date because guess what? Regular updates are what helps your computer run a whole lot faster.

Written by Jessica Kutok. 


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  • Loa

    Great article! If there is something I hate its slow pc’s. I have no patience for it.

    To add another perspective to the discussion. A good way to see what is actually slowing down you pc is to go to the Task Manager. Here you will be able to see the processes that are running, and if you sort by Memory/CPU usage you will be able to see which program is using up all your pc resources.

    The start-up tab in the Task Manager will show you the list of apps/programs that are set to start-up when you turn on the pc. Do you need so and so to start up – if not you can turn then off from the Task Manager.

    Just a little extra tip :)

    • Jessica Kutok

      awesome! Thank you so much :)