How Envy Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Have you been visited by the green-eyed monster recently? Maybe you’ve seen a Facebook friend looking svelte after a fitness kick, or a friend has landed their dream job, maybe you’ve just been browsing Instagram and seething with jealousy.  Envy stems from others having things that you want or don’t think that they deserve, so identify what those things are and you can work towards being the best version of yourself! Here’s how to use envy as your secret weapon! 

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#1 Recognise that nobody’s perfect
First of all, if your envy comes from social media you need to realise that everybody’s lives are filtered before they arrive on your newsfeed.

#2 Identify different types of jealousy
There are different types of jealousy, from professional to personal. Take some time to identify who you’re jealous of and why, if you list their successes you might start to realise that you’re only jealous because these are your goals, too. If the people around you can achieve them, so can you!

#3 Don’t be poisoned by jealousy
When you find yourself feeling envious, try to shut it down. Tell yourself that you can become whatever you want to and that you are happy for other people’s successes. You don’t want to be poisoned by envy, you want to use it to spur you on!

#4 List your enviable qualities
Write a list of reasons that other people might be jealous of you, or ask your best friend if there’s anything she envies about you. As well as giving you a massive confidence boost, you can keep this in mind whenever you feel a pang of jealousy taking hold!

#5 Work harder
If other people are getting ahead of you and it fills you with jealousy, you need to use it as fuel to push yourself harder. If you’re jealous of someone’s bikini body, work harder at the gym, likewise all your professional goals can come true with a little dedication.

#6 Aim to be enviable
Envy can be a positive emotion, it can make people want to be closer to you and know your ‘secrets to success.’ If you have enviable qualities – embrace them. Don’t rub other people’s faces in your successes but hold your head high, be confident and humble! Hard work pays off!

If we all accept jealousy as a natural part of life, we can start ignoring the negative feelings associated with it and start pushing ourselves towards the things we envy in others. Envy can be a huge motivator to get you in shape or dedicated to the things you really want to do, so work hard on being yourself and getting what you want and don’t let your insecurities eat away at you! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to!

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