How Girlboss Sophia Made Nasty Gal A Multi Million-Dollar Business

How Girlboss Sophia Made Nasty Gal A Multi Million-Dollar BusinessIf there’s one woman we’re completely obsessed with, it’s Sophia Amoruso. This woman is amazing! For the people who don’t know her. Sophia is the founder/former CEO of Nasty Gal and author of a book called #Girlboss. Six years ago, Sophia founded Nasty Gal, a retail fashion site that sells trendy but inexpensive clothing, including vintage pieces. Based in Los Angeles, it has $128 million in sales and gross margins of 60%, built using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

So how did she do this? This infographic explains everything:

Infographic_Nasty_Gal (2)

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  1. I adore Sophia! She is an inspiration to every blogger especially me! It also reinforces how important social media can be in the success of a business x

  2. Her book was inspiring. I had no clue who she was until someone mentioned Nasty Gal during a class presentation. I basically picked up the book because I was curious about who she was, being the founder of a successful fashion retailer and all. A must read regardless of the type of career you are aiming for.

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