How I Went From The Laziest Girl In The Office To A Fitness Freak In One Week

I’m the laziest girl in the CGD office. I’m sure of that because I hate exerting myself and I just don’t like that tight-chested blood in mouth feeling that working out gives me. I used to eat moderately until University and unfortunately, enjoying too much alcohol and pizza every night actually took its toll on this lazy girl, and I went from a UK size 6 to a size 12.

I didn’t/don’t actually care about my size that much, but I do care about the fact that the lift is broken where I live and walking up the flights of stairs actually makes me want to die. I decided it was time to get fit, for the first time in my life. Here’s how I’ve fared after my first week, what I’ve used and how I’ve kept going.

#1 I give myself a treat

Yeah, I’ve actually cut out fizzy drinks for the first time in my life and for the first week I had a headache almost every day, but now I’m fine. In order not to lose my motivation I let myself have a treat, whether it be a hot chocolate on my way to work or a bowl of Cocoa pops in the middle of the day. I know it’s silly, but I’ve had to let myself have a couple of treats in order to keep going.

#2 I work out from home

I never thought I’d stick to a workout schedule, but Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide is kicking my ass in the best way! I use Instagram to keep me on track, whenever I feel myself losing motivation I check out @bbgmotivator on Instagram, the transformations alone are enough to keep me going.

#3 I don’t look at the scales

I never liked looking at the scales anyway, once I bought a set of scales I was much more depressed about my size. I’m not designed to be big, but I am extremely curvy, so none of the sample sizes of clothes will ever fit me, even if I lose weight, so I don’t care about that. What I did care about was the number reflected on the scales, to the point where I would hate myself every time I looked at it. I’m actually tracking my weight in photographs, one photo at the start of my journey and one every 4 weeks so I can start to see the differences.

#4 I pick up healthy stuff for lunch

Crackers, fruit and healthy popcorn are my staples. I’m not calorie counting, but by cutting out my junk food intake entirely I’ve managed to lower my calories to well under the recommended amount and be full all the time. Whenever I get a craving for Coca-Cola or chocolate I get some fruit or look at recipes. I’m working on a healthy Ferrero Rocher smoothie, I’ll let you know how that goes.

#5 I go easy on myself

Seriously I was the most unhealthy person ever, McDonald’s was my favourite place second only to my bed. If I can do it, anybody can, I really mean that. I’ve started off with 28 minutes every other day, and I did my ‘full body’ workout yesterday and only completed half of it because my muscles were too sore. It’s important that your muscles have time to heal as that’s when they grow, and I’m having dreams of super muscly arms and a six pack.

#6 I track the little changes

So far, I’ve got tonnes more energy. I’ve lost my cravings for fizzy drinks, my skin is clearing up, my eyes are much brighter and whiter (unless it’s an early morning in the office) and I feel proud of myself and my efforts. I’ve actually become addicted to working out, I’ve started doing Yoga and I’m looking forward to going to the gym. It’s so easy if you’re dedicated.

#7 I have fun things set aside

I allow myself to watch The Good Wife after I’ve completed my workout and I have this printable from The Happiness Planner that I stamp every time I’ve completed a whole day of being healthy (which is super addictive). Another thing I do is follow every aerobic/exercise playlist on Spotify and blast it loud in the kitchen while I dance around in my workout gear, it’s the perfect warm-up and boosts my mood!

Don’t think this is just another healthy post from a super fit girl because trust me, I’m very well acquainted with my stomach rolls, but if I can do a complete lifestyle overhaul so can you! Let’s chat about your fitness inspiration in the comments below, are any of you starting a challenge?

Xxxx Beth (the laziest girl in the office!)

  1. Great post! I am currently trying to do all of the above and I find once I get into a routine it’s great but once I break that routine it’s all down hill!!

    Clare |

  2. Do you exercise in the morning or evening? I always struggle to find time in the morning but in the evenings I’m either too tired or unmotivated! How do you motivate yourself to exercise in the evening if you do so?xx

  3. Great post! I’m in need of some tips right now as i’m lacking motivation in the working out department! x

  4. This is amazing. I have been so annoyed with myself, feeling quite emotional about it to be honest, fed up with having no motivation, I’ve literally just jotted down your tips. I’ve got a good feeling this is going to help. Thank you x

  5. I’ve slowly started doing the same. I’ve cut out soda, which is addicting, and have also started to lessen my sugar intake (especially in my coffee). The key is doing it little by little, cause if I stopped all at once I would end up back where I started! Oh and drinking more water, I hate it but it’s something I need to do more!

  6. Good advice! I had to change my routine to at home workouts as well. It was too much of a struggle to exercise at the gym with a little one at home.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m trying to have a healthier lifestyle, but I keep loosing myself after a few weeks. :-(

  8. It feels so good to start working out and being healthy!! I agree with all these tips! Don’t give up girls! :D kisses!

  9. I agree! I just had my first chocolate yoghurt, I’m determined not to slide back into bad habits, though – no matter how much that bottle of lemonade is calling my name. xxx

  10. I exercise in the morning, before work. I’m lucky that I work some days from home so I can do it around lunchtime. If I haven’t exercised in the morning I do it in the evening. For motivation I look at @bbgmotivator, which really works even if you aren’t following the bikini body guide, and I think about this great quote I found ‘If you’ve got time to be on Facebook, you’ve got time to work out’ :) xxx

  11. :) I’m hoping this post will motivate me to keep going, too. I’ve never been so dedicated to lifestyle changes before, so let’s hope I can keep it up haha! xx

  12. Aw thank you so much! I know that feeling, but those negative emotions can be a great motivator, too! I hope they help! :) xx

  13. I usually do the same, but having the printout on my wall helps me so much, stamping every day is so addictive! I’m glad it inspired you! xx

  14. You’re right! It does feel good. I have so much more energy now, but being lazy was comfortable – I must admit. xx

  15. Amazing blogpost and so inspiring. Congrats on the motivation. You have really found the best way to get healthy. No silly diets but small lifestyle changes. Fantastic tips.

    P.S. your trainers are gorgeous.

  16. I am a middle aged grandmother but still worry about looking good, thanks for the inspiration. My problem is I am too hard on myself and just want to tone up!

  17. Well done Beth, its takes a lot of courage to make the first step. I’ve just discovered BBG as well and starting tomorrow doing the Fit For Fall Challenge by Tone It Up. All the best!

  18. This post is amazing, because it’s a normal girl giving advice to others, and I LOVE it ! I am such a shame when it comes to workout, because I don’t know, I think by doing that it’s just annoying, I am just not 100% into it :/ I want to try to have a workout routine once again, so thank you for that post :) x

  19. Great article! It is often a challenge to fit everything into the day that needs to get done. It is important to remember to put your self first.

    xoxoBella |

  20. I too am the laziest girl in the office… with the biggest appetite too ! Thanks for your tips, I think it is so important to treat yourself, I just have to remind myself not too much.

    I’m going to try get up early tomorrow for my first ever pre-work workout. Wish me luck – as a massive un-morning person I am going to need it.

    Almost Everything

  21. Thanks so much for this. I just recently started the journey of losing 10 lbs for our upcoming wedding and it is HARD.
    I started following 25 fitness IG accounts just to help me stay on track. I hit the gym early in the morning so I get it over with and it really improves my disposition and mindset for the remainder of the day.

  22. Such a great post!! I also started exercicing and it feels so great!! it’s a matter of keeping the body healthy and loving treasuring yourself!!! thanks for the tips!! keep it up!!! xoxo

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  23. Great post! I am in the process of losing weight. So far I’ve lost about 15 pounds, my clothes are fitting better and I love having more energy. I want to buy The Happiness Planner to track my progress.

  24. Awesome job! Kayla Itsines BBG workout is amazing(ly hard)!!! That’s really good for you :)
    – Kaitlyn |

  25. Great post and good tips for healthier life. :)
    I don’t have a weight problem, but candies and junkfood are my favourite. I didn’t exercise much, but now I have started to exercise three times a week. At first the sugar addiction was the worst thing ever, but like you, I replaced them with fruits. I still have sugar cravings, but I have made a deal with myself that once a week I have a day when I can eat whatever I want.
    I have also noticed that I have much more energy, I’m happier and my body have started to ask for exercise. Yep, beware girls! Exercising might turn out quite addictive! ;)

  26. Ahh thanks Lisa, just seeing this now. I did okay but obviously with Christmas, I’ve let it slide a little. Can’t be too hard on myself and who can say no to Christmas dinner and selection boxes? xx

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