How Jessica Alba Built A $1 Billion Company And Proved Her Doubters Wrong

We all know Jessica Alba as a stunning actress with a gorgeous body, but did you know the actress has quickly built a personal $200 million fortune, and she’s done it the hard way! Yes, she’s the definition of a real Career Girl. Hard work pays off!

How Jessica Alba Built A $1 Billion Company

Jessica Alba is the proud founder of the Honest Company,  a company that sells safe, nontoxic products, eco-friendly diapers, bath products and cleaning products. The Honest Company earned $150 million in revenue last year and experts expect $250 million this year. The company is focused on growth over profits, boasting a current valuation to match: $1 billion. Jessica Alba owns 15-20% of the business.

But this success didn’t come easily

Everyone I approached was skeptical. There wasn’t one person who said, “Yeah, that can happen.” I heard “Just do one thing really well and then you can expand” a lot. But I wanted this to be a whole lifestyle brand. Everyone I talked with in Hollywood could not wrap their heads around the idea.

Jessica Alba’s tips to success

#1 – You have to be brutally honest with yourself
#2 – Be patient – it took her three years to find the right business partner
#3 – Understand your strengths and weaknesses
#4 – Surround yourself with the right people


Read the entire article here in an indepth interview with Forbes, she explains how she made this all possible.

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  • Stephanie Rickards

    Her tips to success are good for any part of your life. If you have the wrong people around you, nothing will feel right.

    I love her!

    • Celina

      So true!

  • Jessy

    Omg I had no idea she accomplished so much!! :o
    Who run the world? Girls!!! :)
    Well done jessica! Haha

    Xoxo Jessy

    • Celina

      Yes we do lol!

  • Ibe Carole

    Wow I dint knw she was this successful

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