How She Did It: 4 Reasons Why Actress Rebel Wilson Is Amazing

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‘ I wish she was my BFF.’

What is so inspiring about Rebel Wilson is that she doesn’t feel the pressure to look the same as everyone else in Hollywood. Some people criticise her for her weight, and in a place like Hollywood where there is always some surgery or correction to be made, but Rebel has refreshingly put her hands up and said she doesn’t care. She’s a strong role model for anyone who wants to stop criticising the way they look and focus more on the talents, passion and beauty they can bring to the world. Rebel is not only a great actress, she is stunning and hilarious, here’s how she did it!

She knew deep down what she should be: Some people talk about fate and happy accidents, but deep down you know what your path is. Rebel knew this too, and whilst she was in South Africa acting as an Australian Youth Ambassador she contracted malaria. While fighting it off she hallucinated that she was a famous actress winning an award, and the rest is history. Listen to your intuition, you know what you’d be happiest doing, so never suppress your inner voice!

She went for it: Once she’d decided she was going to be an actress she threw herself wholeheartedly into that line of work, she studied at the Australian Theatre for Young People and created and starred in her own comedic theatre productions, finding out that she was a comedic actress took her on a path of many rejections (including being turned down for the role of Megan in Bridesmaids) but ultimately found her path and managed to work in so many great films alongside amazing actors and actresses.

She answers criticisms honestly: Notably, Rebel lied about her age to the public and the press, claiming she was 6 years younger than she really was, leading people to call into question her whole upbringing and values. Rebel has admitted she lied about her age because of ageism and sexism in Hollywood, something that many female actresses have to deal with on a routine basis, her answer was refreshingly open, and she didn’t think it was beneficial to her career to have her age splashed around so openly. Keeping some of her real life separate from her public life was a wise decision for Rebel, but addressing the criticisms honestly was the perfect way to have them dismissed and forgotten.

She can laugh at herself: Rebel knows people will criticise her size and make observations about her based on the fact that she doesn’t look like everyone else in Hollywood, but she doesn’t care, in fact she rolls out jokes at her own expense and says “You have to use what you’re given to make yourself funny: if you’re super short, super tall, super skinny, have a super big nose you’ve got to use that.” She believes that having a good sense of humour and being real are the values we should all have.

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  • Camille Beygui

    She is so inspirational


    • Lois

      Definitely! x

  • Jess (It’s That Time for)

    I absolutely love Rebel Wilson and love the fact that she is from Australia too :) x

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  • Laura Mareno

    Rebel is AWESOME! She is a true role model! really good post!:D

    • Lois

      She is! and such a good actress!

  • Hannah Lucy

    Oh wow, amazing post – I had no idea she lied about her age!

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