Brigitte Bardot: How Being Fearless Can Make You Successful

Labels – we all use them, have them, and apply them to many aspects of our lives. Brigitte Bardot is known for her beauty, as a former dancer, model and actress. But now, she is a passionate animal rights activist. Of course, plenty of people have given her negative labels, but as with all of us Career Girls, the positive labels we give ourselves are what matter the most. Brigitte Bardot was never afraid to bear her true colors.

This fearless attitude is what made her so successful in so many ways, being fearless is a huge part of being successful, read more on how to exude confidence when you’re incredibly nervous here, because sometimes faking it is just as good. However, there were other aspects to her personality that allowed Brigitte to become an iconic woman. Read on to discover how she did it. So regardless of your opinion of her, perhaps you will take away a lesson or two on how seeking out opportunities, staying true to who you are, and not being afraid to be different can lead to a life of happiness and success.

“Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.”

Brigitte Bardot began as a model, before age 15, in Paris, France. She skyrocketed to success, but along with that comes a huge pressure to maintain a certain image.

The pressure caused Brigitte to suffer from depression, and she sadly attempted suicide on her 26th birthday, fortunately, she came through the other side stronger and decided to use her experience to help others. We’ve written articles on coping with depression and finding out whether you’re having a bad day or a burnout, because as Career Girls it’s really something we can all relate to.

Brigitte Bardot’s most amazing success is in her activism for a cause. She is a leading spokesperson for animal rights and started “Fondation Brigitte Bardot” or the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. Giving back is so important to your overall happiness and no matter what success you achieve in your life, it is making a positive change to the people and the world around you that will make you truly happy, that’s why many successful people volunteer and give to charity, read how to master their habits in just 15 minutes here.

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”

While living in the moment is amazing, a photograph can capture the best memories life has to offer. So, when life becomes gray and you need a smile, you can look back and reflect on those happy moments.

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