How She Did It: Garance Doré


Her blog celebrates its tenth anniversary this month, she’s got 467 thousand Instagram followers, and her new book Love X Style X Life is a New York Times Bestseller and instant Career Girl Daily Classic: Garance Doré is the style guru every girl should be following. The French blogger has built her own brand illustrating for brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Kate Spade, but her career expands far beyond drawing. How did Garance Doré find such success?



She made her own rules

With advice like, “Start where you are”, “Get lost and find yourself” and “risk failure”, Doré is a big advocate for diving head-first into your passions. She left college at 26 and got a job in a cinema, but when she learned what an illustrator did, she threw herself head-first into her work; quitting her job, traveling to Paris to show her sketches to editors, and starting a blog where she could produce an illustration each day. By working hard and not setting limits for herself, she excelled. And speaking of limits…



She didn’t limit herself to one area of expertise

If you were to read Doré’s resume, it looks like a dream career for some: illustrator for major brands, her photographs have appeared in major magazines, and she’s an accomplished author and blogger. Not thinking that she had to define herself as only an illustrator, or only a writer, has allowed her to develop different skill sets, which has set her up for success like no other!



She was honest to the core

In reading her book, part of you can’t help but wonder: would I have the guts to write that? Doré gives us stories of mistaking basket lining for a scarf (and rocking it), her obsession with Zara, and the time she went home with a guy before realizing that she was in danger. This writer is honest and real with those who are listening to her; an undoubted quality which has led to her success!

  • Camille Beygui

    This woman is impressive ! She’s such a source of inspiration

  • Stefanie Pink

    Aww, she is such an inspiring and motivating person <3 Her book is on top of my reading list!

    xo Stefanie

  • Selina

    She is one of my favorite bloggers in the world ! I love how talented and versatile she is :)

  • The Fashion Kidd

    I love Garance!!!! <3

  • Katya Jackson

    Love her! I had a chance to meet her in person to sign a book – she is sooooo nice :)

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  • Darina

    She is such an great inspiration for me!

  • Agnese

    Lovely and so inspiring!! Thanks for reminding me to buy the book ASAP :)

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