How She Did It: Karren Brady’s 3 Secrets To Success

She’s probably best known for the way she kicks ass on The Apprentice, but Karren Brady has also been called Business Woman of the Year, Most Inspirational Woman of the Year, and Ultimate Business Woman. Her secrets to success have helped her rise to the top. An inspiration to Career Girls everywhere, her blog outlines her keys to success.

If you’re in a position to lead, you should be doing it.

Although she doesn’t say it explicitly, Karren Brady doesn’t hold back when pointing people in the direction they need to go. It’s not just on The Apprentice either; she writes blog posts and articles directing people and women on how to pursue their passion. She’s got the knowledge and is sharing it with anyone who’s willing to work hard. She even gave back by setting up the LifeSkills programme, which helps students leaving school find work.

Stand behind the work you do.

Karren’s blog is filled with her championing other people; talking about the caliber of the candidates on The Apprentice, as well as the high standards of the challenges in it. She talks openly about her work, and about how it’s making a difference in the world. She’s also not afraid to talk openly about her contributions: “I think if you’re ambitious, don’t be afraid of it. Ambition is simply the spark that drives you on to be, and keep being, successful.”

Dare, dare, dare.

You cannot wait for opportunities to knock. If you’re going to succeed, you need to work hard and pursue every opportunity that you can. Karren Brady didn’t get to where she by waiting for others to see her potential—she worked very, very hard at the tasks that she was given. You have to chase your dreams—they’re not going to chase you!

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Photo: Karren Brady

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