How Successful People Plan Their Day


Want to know how successful people plan their day? Success means different things to different people, but whatever success means to you, we want to be our own definition of success. We all have people we look up to and we want to know their secrets so we can apply them to our own lives and achieve our own successes. Living in a 24/7 world, we can often get to the end of the day and feel like we’ve never stopped but have achieved nothing. So how do successful people plan their day to avoid the frazzled but failed feeling?


They know their values

Your values are those things important to you. Values differ between individuals, but those values will help you set your priorities. Setting your priorities allows you to plan your day around those things that matter to you. You plan to be home for dinner with your family; make time to exercise, you make time for your own personal development in your day because these are your priorities. This is how successful people plan their day, by knowing what’s important to them first.


They know their rhythms

You’ve seen those morning routines of successful people where they swear by meditating at 5 am followed by a grueling gym session, journaling, and clearing their inbox by 9 am. If you are a morning person, this might be the perfect routine for you. But if you are a night owl, this routine will not work for you. Instead, you’re more likely to end up napping under your desk by mid-morning! Successful people know their rhythms. For example, they know they will not stick to going to the gym after work. Instead, they just want to go home, eat dinner, and relax after achieving their goals for the day. They know their energy levels and motivation to work out are higher in the morning, so they plan around their body’s natural rhythms. They know that after lunch, their concentration levels drop so they plan tasks that are easy and require less focus and concentration for that time of day. By knowing your energy levels and rhythms, you can plan your day to make the most of it. 


They have a planning system

Successful people who know their values and their rhythms also know what type of planning system works for them. It might be a desk diary, the task list on their phone, an app, or it might be the Getting Stuff Done Planner. It’s not about doing what everyone else is doing, it’s about finding something that works for them. For your system, whatever you choose has to be something that you find easy to use. If you choose a system that feels like a slog, it won’t become a routine. Instead, it will be one more thing you think you should do but just never get round to.

Written by Caroline Kelly @WriterCKelly



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