How This Bullet Journal System Will Make You 10 Times More Productive

Bullet journaling is proven to make you more productive. But you probably don’t even know what those two words mean or where to start with a good old dot-grid journal. Well, don’t worry. Bullet journalling is a popular alternative to a notebook that actually will boost your productivity and give you something beautiful to look back on.

The actual bullet-journal system was created to make rapid logging of to-dos easier, but it’s developed into something so much more. It’s a full-on movement now, #bujo anyone? It’s all about developing spreads and systems that are as unique as you are. Let’s be honest, if you’ve dived deep already in all the different kind of spreads you can create, you’re probably more than a little overwhelmed – so where do you begin? Here’s how to use the bullet journal system to make yourself so much more productive!


The bullet journal is an organizational system that can be customized to your needs. You can use it for to-do lists, as a sketchbook, scrapbook, journal, calendar, study guide, there are just so many uses for the humble dot-grid journal. Which is both a good and bad thing, the sheer possibilities with your journal can be overwhelming sometimes. Psychologically speaking, bullet journaling is more powerful than simple note-taking because it’s also a life record and reminds you why your goals are important.

Ryder Carroll created the original BuJo system, a simple grid dot notebook which features pages with a series of dots in rows for minimalistic journaling. You can also use mini symbols to denote tasks. So for example, you use mini shapes to mean different things, a mini triangle can mean an event, a mini circle is a to-do, you color in the circle when it’s done, a mini square is a deadline, it’s totally up to you. You then use these symbols on the left-hand side of your journal and track everything you need to do.


So where do you begin with your bullet journal? What supplies do you need? First off, grab The Master Plan, it’s a sturdy and luxurious bullet journal with dot grid pages that’s perfect for any use. You’ll also need a pen, some stickers, highlighters, and anything else you have lying around – especially if you want to make a collage inside your bullet journal.


One easy idea is to start with a monthly spread. This will keep you on track with your monthly goals and to-dos. You can create a small calendar of the month and circle your top goals, and then go into the details of every day. You don’t have to be super artistic to make the most of the bullet journal, in fact, all you need to do is know what your top to-dos and goals are and then write them down.

You can copy this layout throughout the month, and create a mini notes section at the bottom to make sure you have everything you need, use this for shopping lists and more. The more. visually appealing you make this, the easier it’ll be to stay on track with your to-do list and see, at a glance, how much you have to do.

Putting your daily log right after your monthly log is a smart way to lay this out. You can create a double page monthly spread and then go into your daily log afterward, whether you prefer to do a simple bullet journal layout or want to do something more creative and pretty. Remember, your bullet journal is yours. You can follow a system, but it’s okay if your bullet journal turns into a doodle journal. If you follow the #bujo hashtag, you’ll see so many ideas for laying out your journal, but often keeping it simple will help increase your productivity.



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