How They Did It: The Olsen Twins

They ooze sophistication, beauty and power, have a wardrobe even K-Middy would envy and have turned their passion into a fashion empire all whilst looking effortlessly gorgeous, how do they make messy bed-head hair look so good! I am of course talking about the Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. If you’re shaking your head and looking a little puzzled then where on Earth have you been? These two made their on-screen debut aged just 6 months way back in 1987 on the ABC Sitcom Full House, they have since grown up on screen and have matured into beautiful young women who have been ranked 11th in the list of the richest women in entertainment.

The Fashion Icons

After The New York Times declared Mary-Kate a fashion icon it was clear that the twins had far more to give than just their acting talents. Most celebrities turned designers have a huge helping when it comes to creating, producing and promoting their brand, but the girls wanted the line to do all of the talking, they never wanted it to sell because they were behind it, they wanted it to sell because people loved the clothes. Their line, The Row is now stocked in 188 stores in 37 countries and in 2007 they launched another line named Elizabeth and James. By taking a step back and remaining behind the scenes, they have really proved themselves as fashion designers and not just pretty faces with their name on a label.

The Childhood Stars

At the young age of just 6 years old the twins established their own entertainment group company called Dualstar which produced the twins films and TV shows including ‘Double, double toil and trouble’ as well as ‘The adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley’. The twins would attend meetings and be as involved as possible with the company despite not even being able to see over the table, they say even as children they have always seen themselves as business women. The twins were icons for so many girls growing up, with their faces on posters and magazines there really was no escaping these two, they were clearly always destined for stardom. Even if you feel you can’t learn anything from the Olsen’s just remember that if you are as determined as these two then there really is nothing you can’t do.

The Inspirational Young Women

Mary-Kate and Ashley made headlines in 2004 when they signed a pledge which allowed the woman workers in Bangladeshi that sew their line full maternity leave. The National Labour Committee which organised the pledge had openly praised the twins for their commitment to workers rights and their passion for supporting women in developing countries. This year they have been named Womenswear Designer Of The Year, are worth an estimated $300 billion dollars and have made it onto the Forbes top 100 list every year since 2002.

If that isn’t an example of girl power then I don’t know what is!

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  1. I’ve always loved MK and Ashley! they are #girlboss and great fashion designers, their labels are amazing and they create products with quality and love. Love it!

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