How To Achieve Your Financial Goals Right Now


Wondering how to achieve your financial goals? It’s more than just saving and spending smart, it’s about making a plan and sticking with it. This is the perfect time to get your finances in order, so buckle up and get ready to smash some financial goals!

Make a plan

The Give Yourself Credit journal will help you fully get to grips with your money, firstly by copying in your expected spend every week, then by figuring out what you want to save for, what you currently spend on, and getting to grips with your bill payment calendar. It’s the ultimate savings tool. Use the Give Yourself Credit to make a proper plan for your financial goals here.


Discipline yourself

Probably the last thing we want to hear, but it’s the cruel truth. If you’re spending recklessly, your finances will run away from you. Look back on your expenditure over the past year. Can you see any recurring, unnecessary spending habits? Write them in your planner and remind yourself to work on them every day.

It’s amazing to treat yourself, we work hard for it, but when feeling the pinch, sometimes we have to forfeit a few luxuries!


Cut costs and do cardio

If you can walk it, why take the car? Tone your legs and save a huge amount in commuting and car costs! Alternatively, if walking or cycling isn’t possible, why not carpool? That way you can still cut costs and save the planet.

You can log that exercise into your Give Yourself Credit and know that you’re living your best life, with every single area planned out.


Take inventory

Figuring out your financial inventory is very important. In order to set your financial goals, you’re going to have to log the total amount of your assets and liabilities. With money coming in and out in every which way it’s hard to know where your money should go.

We made it so easy to keep track of, all you need to do is write in the space provided your expenses for the day. That way you’ve got a full list of expenses available to you all the time.

Think about your goals

The best way to stay motivated and keep track of your finances is to take keep in mind your aspirations. Are you saving for a house? The holiday of a lifetime? Do you want to go traveling?

Set reminders for yourself to sift through the bills and update your spreadsheets to curb your unnecessary spending habits. You’re far more likely to stick to a spending plan if you have a reason to.


Budget, budget, budget

Create a budget and stick to it. Get familiar with all your essential outgoings: rent, bills, transport etc. and how much you have coming in.

Keep track of this amount and try to spend less disposable income than you have so you can keep supplementing your savings!


Finance Journal


Finance Journal


Finance Journal



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