8 Genius Products That Will Give Your Hair Volume In An Instant

photo: Natalie Off Duty


The struggle is real when you have thin, fine hair. Finding a style, accessories and even a color that will help it look thick and voluminous can be a pain, but thankfully we are in the best age of beauty we’ve ever been in. Every day a new, genius product is being formulated to fix some issue, and if your hair care obsession is only growing stronger, you need to check out these genius products.

Whether you need the boost or just think bigger is always better, these products will give you instant volume and thickness!

1. It starts from within 

Phyto Hair And Nails Supplement available here.

If you are concerned about the volume of your hair, you might need to start from within and take a supplement specifically for it. Phyto are experts at haircare and fixing any issue, this supplement sells out fast because it not only strengthen your hair, it’ll help you grow strong nails too. With a blend of fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants you’ll see your hair looking thicker, stronger, and healthier in just a week. You’ll see results in your skin and nails, too! Genius. Buy it here.

2. Upgrade your showering situation 


Rossanno Ferretti Parma Shampoo available here.

If you want thick, dreamy locks, you need to switch up your shampoo and conditioning routine. Don’t use products that will weigh your hair down, and don’t shampoo the ends of your hair, or condition the roots. Each product has its place! Our absolute favorite product is Rossano Ferretti’s Parma Shampoo. It hydrates the scalp and strengthens each strand, and contains Creatine, Macadamia and Avocado oils to thicken and restore the hair! Buy it here.

3. Regularly detox your hair 

Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask With Lemon available here.

Heavy products build up over time and wear your hair down, so make sure you regularly cleanse your hair to detox it and remove all those products. Once a week use this cleansing mask to add shine and restore what your hair has lost. Lemon zest extract and chamomile seal the hair cuticle and hydrate the scalp while exfoliating and purifying the scalp! It’s perfect if you use a lot of products and regularly dye your hair! Buy it here.

4. Pick the right styling cream

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Styling Cream available here.

Before you use your hairdryer, smooth this genius 5-in-1 styling cream. It contains a healthy hair molecule, and a thickening molecule, to smoothen, soften, and shine up your hair whilst thickening it. Use it on damp hair to see immediate results when you blow dry. Buy it here.

5. Swap your hairdryer out


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer available here.

If you want the healthiest hair of your life, you need a great hairdryer. Forget the old one that damages your hair, once you’ve tried the Dyson hairdryer you’ll never go back. There’s a reason everyone’s talking about it. It measures air temperature to make sure you aren’t damaging your hair, but dries fast and includes easy magnetic attachments you can use to give your hair extra volume. My favorite thing about it is that it doesn’t hurt my arm while I use it and that it’s seriously quiet. Buy it here.

6. Give your hair some waves 


T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Wand available here.

I swear this is the best curler in the world. I tried it once and it’s been on the top of my wishlist ever since. My hair looked huge, thick, and healthy. And each barrel comes with a different thickness, so no matter what your hair type or style, you’ll be able to add dimension with just a few flicks of the wrist. In love with this one! Buy it here.

7. Make waves 

Ouai Wave Spray available here.

The best way to add volume is to add dimensions to your hair, get layers at the hairdressers and use sprays that enhance the direction and movement of your hair. It’s formulated with rice protein so it’ll give you effortlessly beachy, undone waves and give you some serious volume and thickness. Buy it here.

8. Use a dry shampoo to get matte hair 

Bb Pret-A-Powder available here.

Once you’ve styled your hair, if you’re craving extra thickness, add this powder. It’s an all-in-one dry shampoo and volumizer and isn’t greasy or heavy. Add a pinch to the scalp for a massive volume boost, and rub it in for texture and roughness. If you’ve missed a shampoo or two, this cleanses roots too, so you’re fine! Buy it here.


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  • dreamofadventures

    These are all great! I also read adding rosemary to your shampoo can help too =o)