Affordable Brazilian Hair Keratin Treatments You Can Do At Home


What woman doesn’t want to wake up with salon sleek hair that doesn’t require any stress in the mornings? We know we do! And here at CGD headquarters, we’re on a mission to transform our hair and do it without the salon price tag. And this week we’re testing the Brazillian Hair Keratin treatments that are stealing the spotlight at the moment, so want to know our final word on it? See our favorites for all hair types below:





 “There’s no denying that this conditioner made my hair feel and look visibly softer and shinier. After use, you can really see the difference straight away. My hair felt hydrated and healthy an was noticeably bouncier in the following days – I would definitely buy this product again.”


CLAIM: The Keranique look after your hair by cleansing it first, then giving it a layer of protection and then treating the problem. It’s scientifically formulated to resurface your damaged hair and keep it hydrated. It will mend the strand, seal in that shine it gives and locks in color to give return your hair to vibrancy.

PERFECT FOR: All hair types

TREATMENTKeranique Revitalizing Keratin Conditioner



My hair is very curly to the point I usually avoid wearing it in my natural style, just because it doesn’t look in amazing condition. However, after trying this product my curls seemed healthier, more nourished and full of bounce. Because in order to have cute, curly hair it needs to be healthy and hydrated.”


CLAIM: It’s really good to enhance your curls and leave hair looking healthy and nourished.

PERFECT FOR: Curly hair

TREATMENTOUAI Curl Conditioner




“I love hair masks, especially ones that can restore and repair my hair because from time to time it could really do with a boost! After using this repairing mask I am amazed and so happy. It uses argan oils (my favorite for hair), biotin and B-vitamins to restore your damaged hair into a shinier, desirable head of hair!”


CLAIM: A leave-in deep conditioner that will totally transform your hair. Expect to see even the most damaged hair repaired and replaced instead with stronger, healthier hair.

PERFECT FOR: Damaged hair

TREATMENTBRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask 





 “I don’t like to heavily overuse products, but I was advised to use quite a bit of this one – so I used about ten pumps that I ran through my hair with my fingers making sure to get every strand. After this, I then combed my hair straight. Later on, I found that my hair was noticeably more straight and flat (no frizz) even after two days. But you will have to pair this with a flat iron for full effect!”


CLAIM: It’s a protein wrap that will allow your hair to stay straight for up to three days – well, basically until your next shampoo!

PERFECT FOR: Frizzy hair

TREATMENTJohn Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight 






“I actually really enjoyed using this product. Because I’m usually quite scared to apply products to dry, perfect hair I only used this product on wet hair. I sprayed it through my wet hair the night before, blow-dried and styled and I really saw a massive difference to my hair. Especially as my straight hair magically goes back to wavy within a few hours! I was pretty much amazed”.


CLAIM: Uses science to allow your natural waves to relax and drop

PERFECT FOR: Wavy hair

TREATMENTLiving Proof Straight





“I avoided using this product and probably used it every other month or so. What you do is spray the product over your dry hair and then straighten with your flat iron over the top (which is quite a scary thing to do). The effects were very noticeable, but after washing your hair it’s not as strong, so I would only use this product for a boost before visiting a professional.”


CLAIM: It’s basically a buffer for your hair that uses keratin to restore your hair’s natural vitality. It even claims that the results will last up to thirty days!

PERFECT FOR: Thick, difficult hair

TREATMENTSimply Smooth Touch of Keratin




  1. Easy to understand, but I was wondering, Do you need to keep ironing on ironing your hair every week, or can you just leave it? What will happen if we leave it?

  2. Chiani, You may have to do some “touch-up” ironing after the hair gets wet (shampoo, swimming, walking in the rain :-) ) or damp (exercising, sleeping, etc.). However, it shouldn’t take as long as before treatment. If you just leave it with no touch-up ironing, it’ll get a bit frizzy, but should still be shinier and more manageable than before treatment.

    Hope this helps :-)

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