How To Balance Your Career With Your Personal Life

It’s so hard to find the balance between your personal life and your career, to make time for yourself and socialise. It can sometimes feel like you’re living in a bubble that doesn’t include any time for yourself or other people, so here’s our guide to finding the balance between your hectic work schedule and that all-important me-time! 

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#1 Have an action plan
Decide what you need to make more time for and stick to it and understand that you can’t have it all. Don’t try to be wonder woman and let others know what you’re trying to make more time for, that way they can help you realise your goals!

#2 Have a team
Just like co-workers, you’ll need a team of friends and family that know to check in with you via FaceTime, Skype, text or phone calls just to make sure you aren’t burning yourself out. You’ll need a supportive ear who’ll remind you what’s important and be supportive to your feelings.

#3 Establish boundaries
It’s important to establish boundaries for yourself, don’t answer emails after a certain time and don’t talk about work outside of the hours you give yourself. If you’re with friends or family make a habit of absolutely not checking your emails or messages regarding work and be firm with yourself on your boundaries.

#4 Simplify your life
Work time can be made harder by the presence of apps, organisers and multiple e-mail accounts that all add up and make your life difficult. Try to simplify the tools you use to declutter your mind and free up some time to plan fun things.

#5 Follow your path
The important thing is not to feel guilty about the people you can’t see or the things you can’t do, follow your path if it’s rewarding and make sure you’re having enough time to de-stress and be by yourself without the worries or stresses of work weighing on your mind.

How do you balance your work life and your personal life? Share your tips with fellow career girls in the comments below and don’t miss your chance to enter our AMAZING Dior sunglasses giveaway – just in time for summer!

  1. I’ve been making plans for the next two weeks to see people outside of work – I need some relaxation!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. I’ve been personally struggling with #4 – it’s hard to have a ‘whatever it takes’ mindset and still adhere to boundaries. I hope to grow better in this category so I can prevent myself from burning out in the future, but for now it’s ‘baby steps’.

  3. Some great advice here as always, thanks very much for sharing! Right now I’d do anything for one of those giant cocktails…;)
    Sophie x

  4. Fantastic article, and an incredibly important topic which can often be overlooked on career blogs. I personally think point number 3 is absolutely key, and it has certainly helped my own personal life. I have a rule now where I refrain from checking on work emails on my smartphone unless there’s a big project or we’re working toward an important deadline.

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